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Age Verification- Be safe and smart SD's

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Posted on Jan 23, 2020 at 05:00 PM Total posts: 1

I cringe every time an "18" year old asks if I want nudes and to not ever meet. For some this might be what they are hoping for because they enjoy looking at pictures. All of the guys doing this help to do 2 things, one make women lazy and unwilling to meet, and two put themselves at risk for possible jail time. Every guy on here should want to meet the women they are contacting. The reason for this is solid, age VERIFICATION. Most of the female profiles are not age verified, so I would put myself at risk by not performing my own due diligence and verifying a woman's age. A sugar Daddy is not an online relationship. A sugar daddy meets, takes out, builds a connection, spoils, mentors, just makes life better. A sucker and idiot sits at their computer, accepts nudes and should pray that the photos they received are not child porn. 

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