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Ladies pay attention

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Just a few pointers for the ladies on here who are serious on here.
  1. Meet in a public place. This does not include a hotel. Reason for a public place is simple it gives you an out if you don't like the guy or don't feel safe.
  2. When filling out your profile put a city or town next to your actual town. You don't want stalkers showing up at the grocery store you shop at or worse yet, your front door when you didn't invite them.
  3. If you plan to meet, be on time. Our time is just as valuable as yours.
  4. This is meeting site, not a place for you to get subscribers to your only fans and to have an "online only" line in your profile

  1. First and foremost, age VERIFY anyone under 22 on here(or just do that for everyone). It's simple enough to ask for an edited photo of a driver's license with only their photo and DOB showing. If women aren't willing to do that, chances are they are under age and you'll wind up sitting in your kitchen with Chris Hanson
  2. Don't offer money in advance. The saying that comes to mind is "why buy the cow when I get milk for free." A woman has ZERO incentive to meet if you have already paid her. $25 for gas is the one exception you can make.
  3. If you pay anything more than gas money in advance and get "scammed" that's on you. Accept the loss but report the profile to help the real women who want to and will meet.
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Always video chat with anyone before you meet them. Estimated Fake rate on pictures is about 40% - either very old pics or not the person at all. If they don't agree to video chat, call it a day and move on.
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November 12
Good advice!
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That is a great list of rules. Ladies have to be really careful in here.