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Finding SB's to share success is not easy during Covid?

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It seems like having a conversation on this site is like trying to talk with someone in a dark alley. SB’s don’t seem to trust things I say. I am a genuine successful fit guy that wants to share my success with someone. I try to be genuine but without context or a personal reference, if I am not perfect in everything I say, they seem to assume I must be a scammer or worse. Well, I am not! I am one of the kindest, caring, and thoughtful guys on the planet but trying to convince someone of that here when I am a stranger to them is harder than making a living. People have flaws, and I am just human. I accept people for who they are. I am only writing this in the hopes that someone sees that some of us are great catches and you need to look past the shiny objects, dig a bit deeper into someone’s life to see if they are a great fit. Maybe Covid has made this more difficult lately but it is getting tiresome and confusing how difficult it is finding someone to share my success.
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I find you a very interesting and genuine man. I would love to get to know the depth of those words you write. Feel free to message me !

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I agree!

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I would love for you to share your success with me :)
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Haven't heard about that. Example please?
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December 13
People also with COVID have been trying to scam to get money. Girls are very hesitant.