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Don't feed the Salt Babies! Just say NO to "online at first"

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It may be tempting to a newby aspiring daddy to prove you are for real by sending your hard earned money to a girl you've never met. This may seem like a step towards having her in you arms but you will never see her face to face. She will not break down and meet you in person after you have reached your limit on sending her money. She will cross you off her list and move on. By the number of girls on these sites who expect this it seems there are a number of dupes that will go for it. I have wasted far too much time dealing with these girls only to find out what they are up to.

Have fun on real dates and never feed the Salt Babies!

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This site has been over run with "online only". And half of those are scammers. You could be communicating with someone your age and same sex.

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Always insist on speaking by phone to the person behind the profile as soon as possible.

There are many fake profiles, as well as those that just want to make cash on the internet only.

If, as in one case I had, she kicks off about being me too pushy, tough!

Block her and move on.

Like a no.7 bus, there'll be another one along in a minute or two!

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wish I had seen this sooner been duped several times