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Been reading through the blogs. I see disappointment on both sides. Having been on and off for nearly 2 years I am glad it's not just me. Having found one SB that I really though I had something with but got tired of 99% her and her social media and 1% of me, but 100% of my money. Here's some hints for both sides. Ladies, first, your SD would like some attention. When you're with them, actually BE with them. I don't mean sex, I mean be there, active, participate, talk. Especially if you are wanting something financial, you could at east hold the guys hand. Want contact, post a picture. You're not going to get much response if the guy doesn't know what you look like. Be honest, most of you aren't very good liars and get caught pretty quick. If you want $ and not meet say so. MY big deal breaker is to start asking for a few hundred off the bat and not meet. Also, if the guy wants to know more about you, one line 6 word sentences don't count. There's a reason guys ask, and some of you complain about the very same thing - we want to know what you want from us, what you want todo for us, what you expect. The more each person knows the other, the better your chance of getting who and what you want. You don't like the outdoors, then don't say you like to go fishing. Duh! You guys - treat the lady with a bit of respect, unless that' something she doesn't want. There are some, few I grant, that are actually honest in wanting an emotional side or have an true need for financial help. Just because they are here doesn't mean you treat them like trash. Coivd certainly hasn't helped thanks primarily to the politics and false info, but if BOTH SB and SD start out respecting each other like people WITH feelings and have some honesty, that's a start
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Very glad I'm reading these while I'm new that's very true and interesting.

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Wow, that is so true.

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I can't stand when all sugar babies want is money. It ruins it for us genuine ones who want a real connection with someone. I hope you find one that treats you with compassion and respect.