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Posted on Mar 31, 2018 at 04:59 PM

Call me crazy, yeah, I think that would be quite valid actually, but is company not enough of a gift?  I am very new to this sugar baby scene, but in saying that, I'm not new to dating.   To me, isnt a gift supposed to be something that would possibly be given once you actually know the person on a level well enough to be able to give something that would be warranted?  


I don't want to think of as first date gift as a 'bribe' so to speak or as a token of 'thanks for coming' but personally, I'm just thrilled to be ale to be blessed with time and attention.  I find it wonderful enough to know that you are interested in getting to know me, for me, and not having to 'buy' my affections.  Regardless of what happens, having a connections is to me, the most important part of this adventure..


Can you share your opinions on this?

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