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Posted on Mar 31, 2018 at 05:26 PM

God Damn i love you, my sweet pink vibrator. I just love everything about you! The way you slide all nice and snug in and out of my wetness, the way you tickle my clit with your cute, little, maniac of a tongue, tickle and pausing...your variety of settings to move and twist in so many ways, perfect little pearls twirling all around, back and forth. Ive come to love the humming of your voice, the sweet smell of your plastic skin, the way you move ever so perfectly with the guidance of my hand.

I know by yourself, you would just be this vibrating, pink, odd shaped appliance, but when matched up with me...we make a hell of a team. You my dear love, have become the one that i race home to, that i turn the lights off, slide off my knickerless pants, and crawl into bed with.

I love how you are ever ready and waiting for me, sitting patiently in your cute purple sack, waiting for me to turn you on, so you can in return, turn me on and get me off.

You expect nothing from me, except cheap batteries and plenty of them. I dont mind, no, i dont mind at all. The wonderful gift of AA's are the least that i can do. Wining and dining has never been cheaper than with you.

Thank you for never complaining about the messy situations i put you in, for always taking it like a trooper, knowing that i will in return, massage all of your parts with a nice warm bath, and gentle spritz, getting us ready for our next rondevu.

Ive become dependent on you...emotionally and sexually. I honestly do not know if anyone can ever take your place. If ever the day arises where another appendage not reliant on batteries enter into my life, please my dear, do not fret. I know for a fact you will still be adored, used and abused, treasured and appreciated. Only, not just by me, but hopefully by another hand, who will learn just how to hold you, touch you, caress your shaft the way i do, all for the same good bring me to that point when my body shakes and shivers from sheer delight of your sweet sweet buzz...

Here's to a long lasting friendship my beautiful pink vibrator...

I cant go back to yesterday...because I was a different person then...-Lewis Carroll- Alice in Wonderalnd
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