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Don't Gas-up your profile

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My true frustration is when I meet a lady who has an excellent resume in her profile and her personality doesn't match up when I meet her. This has happened quiet a few times. In some cases the open minded, fun and cheeky lady as mentioned in her profile just doesn't show any signs of them even after an hour or so of me continually talking to keep the conversation going. I understood that this has happened a lot wherein the girls just put big words in their profile and don't live up to them.
  • Show genuine interest in the man
  • He's not just an ATM for you
  • Not everything is just about money
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True. A lot of women do not understand the concept of being a sugar baby.. the financial aspect doesn’t come immediately..a connection has to be built. If a man wanted to pay for an interaction with a woman he’ll go to a strip club or buy a “lady of the night” lol.. you gotta be real lucky to get a man to just give you money for no reason. Js
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Those who want compensation for first meet are the ones that think of you as an ATM and are not looking for a true SD/SB arrangement. Its not worth meeting up with them. And those that do meet up and you don't enjoy their company; say thank you and move on. In many ways, this is still like dating; it takes time to find the right person who matches your personality and vice versa.
All my successful long term arrangements started with coffee chats (no compensation) - one of them even our first proper date was with no compensation because she wanted to make sure that we do enjoy each other's company - that was a surprise and not the norm. That arrangement lasted for 2 years. A girl who is looking for companionship and mentorship in addition to money would last longer than those purely looking for an ATM. The chats are just a means to filter out the gold diggers from the real sugar babes.
Whenever I tried to start an arrangement where they asked for compensation just to meet for coffee - none of those lasted more than one or two dates.
There are probably exceptions to the rule out there; but I haven't met them yet.
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Thanks for that. You are right, but most just don't want to even meet up for a coffee without compensation and just chat endlessly online. When they do meet up for coffee regardless of chemistry,after chatting for a while, it feels like you are meeting up with a different person.
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Sometimes its just chemistry (or lack there of). Hence, my first meeting is always a coffee catchup with no financial transaction. That itself rules out 90% of the girls and you can more quickly narrow down to those whose company you may enjoy.