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Posted on Oct 03, 2018 at 08:40 AM

It is not a surprise that Silicon Valley Barbie lives in a dollhouse. It’s a quaint little bungalow where everything is just so.

I don’t often have company because I like to go out. Imagine my surprise when I awoke one morning to find a treasure right in the middle of my kitchen floor - a 100 year old Buffalo nickel!

Its such an exciting and random thing to happen. Every day since I have looked in that same spot hoping the universe would gift me with another treasure. Alas, now that a week has passed, I have to concede that it may have been a one time gift. Thanks Universe!  

I am so perplexed about how this artifact found itself on my floor. Either I dropped it, or someone else put it there. But if I am the only person who has been in my dollhouse...

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Love Always, Silicon Valley Barbie
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