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Posted on Oct 03, 2018 at 08:40 AM

It is not a surprise that Silicon Valley Barbie lives in a dollhouse. It’s a quaint little bungalow where everything is just so.

I don’t often have company because I like to go out. Imagine my surprise when I awoke one morning to find a treasure right in the middle of my kitchen floor - a 100 year old Buffalo nickel!

Its such an exciting and random thing to happen. Every day since I have looked in that same spot hoping the universe would gift me with another treasure. Alas, now that a week has passed, I have to concede that it may have been a one time gift. Thanks Universe!  

I am so perplexed about how this artifact found itself on my floor. Either I dropped it, or someone else put it there. But if I am the only person who has been in my dollhouse...

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Love Always, Silicon Valley Barbie
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Posted on Dec 09, 2018 at 05:41 AM

So how do I know your pic is real and your not just some guy looking for cash.  I'm also wondering what you're doing on this site as it looks like you're genuinely looking for a relationship.  I love intelligent woman that are independent, they seem to be few and far between and the good ones are already taken.  If you can prove it you've got your $100 bucks for providing proof and potentially a lot more. I travel a lot for work and always looking for more sugar babes to keep me company when I'm in the area.  I've got about 15 now around the globe and it's the best money I've ever spent.  I'm divorced and not looking to give away nearly half my fortune again.  Just looking for an honest woman who can say she just enjoys spending my money and not pretend to like me.  Yeah, I'm jaded.  My ex is a multi millionaire and retired at 35, not that she ever had to work, for doing nothing but saying she loved me and not following through whatsoever.  If by some miracle I find a woman who I connect with then I'm open to a relationship.  Again, sorry for being so negative, it's just where I am right now.  Just looking to satisfy my physical needs.  If your interested just let me know how it works.  If it goes well would you open to me flying to my area for a visit in person?  That's how far I'm willing to go to meet the right person.

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