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Looking for a good time Lady19... 95 08/07/2018
Blog NikkiGoldS... 49 08/02/2018
Daddyyyyy reggie7... 87 07/31/2018
broncos loveablelibr... 59 07/15/2018
broncos loveablelibr... 14 07/15/2018
Meetups from a Daddy's perspective Blueeyes... 257 07/15/2018
How are you? GoldenRoseyy... 46 07/08/2018
newbie needs help missylee... 174 07/06/2018
have love and things. paysrig... 89 06/06/2018
A Newbie AmeliaForTheW... 177 05/24/2018
New and looking for the right daddy Kimberlybaby... 199 05/22/2018
Is this a SD dating site or a dating game ... BahaBa... 245 05/15/2018
San Diego's Favorite Ebony Treat RoyceRo... 57 04/30/2018
Day 1 No messages dare10... 204 04/16/2018
DATE ME! Arianababyyy LorenaBab... 173 04/08/2018
Ode to my Vibrator peachykeen20... 206 03/31/2018
First Date Gifts....are they really a 'thing'? ... peachykeen20... 157 03/31/2018
♡ The Importance of Anal Sex in the Master/slave ... Clara_Bel... 280 03/10/2018
30 Days/Questions of Submission Clara_Bel... 91 03/09/2018
10 Things a Slave Needs From a Master Clara_Bel... 137 03/09/2018
sweet apple Trish... 68 02/26/2018
Pretty Bland and Plaid pinktruffle... 67 02/07/2018
Surprised that on this site no one is past ... VictoriaK... 209 02/04/2018
Reasons for Online Sugar Daddy~ VictoriaK... 154 01/28/2018
looking short term sugar daddy Bexx... 212 01/24/2018
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