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Red Flags - Reasons to Ditch That Loser

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I keep getting asked about this, so here they are. Reasons to ditch that loser... that one you've been "dating". Not in any particular order-


1. He says (AT ANY TIME) "You deserve a guy better than me".

--- he sees the truth, so why don't you? what a tool!


2. He doesn't take responsibility. He blames others for his issues or mistakes. 

--- Mmm. Yes, sometimes ppl blame others when angry. But twice? Three times? That's an immature d*ck.


3) He laughs at your feelings of fear and sadness.

--- Seriously if anyone cares for you they won't laugh at your real feelings. 


4) He's in a relationship already. 

-- No brainer. Unless you have an open relationship, you'll always be an after-thought.


5) He says (AT ANY TIME) "I'm not looking for a relationship"

--- Loser? Don't wait around for him.


6) He changes plans that involve you without telling you until last minute. 

--- Not talking about a surprise party! Changing plans is fine.... but not letting the woman know as soon as his mind is changed? D*ck-move.


7) ANY form of abuse.

--- Enough said.


8) He still talks about his ex like "I thought she was the love of my life" ...

--- This man is not over her. Move on.


9) He's never lived on his own.

--- Why does this man still live with his parents? Or a neverending flatmate situation? He has no idea how to live with himself.... 


10) He is broke.

-- You're not his sugar mama!


11) He has no ambition.

--- Not everyone should want to win the next Nobel Prize... but he ought to have some drive to do... something. 


12) He doesn't treat you like a precious gem.

--- The woman is the prize!

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Love it, this is so true. My goodness.