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Why it is OK to tell Daddy he's pissing you off

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The primary role of a sugar baby is to be the fantasy dream girlfriend type for our Sugar Daddy, to listen to his opinions and allow him to express himself. In return Daddy supports and pampers us.



But what happens when your Daddy is acting like a massive dick! Yes, we are the dream girl but we are not a punching bag or doormat.



When your Daddy is being a dickhead, you totally need to tell him. Perhaps don't say exactly that... but i am pretty sure if you are that direct he will certainly stop ;)


Definitely tell him when he's crossed the line... because we deserve to be treated well. Here are some times that constitute "dick-moves" - tell him off!!!--


> If he is demeaning your passions, work or positive life choices *why is he with you then?*


> If he talks about his other sugarbabies to you *disrespectful much?*


> If he chats up other women when out with you *wtf*


> If he is demanding intimacy (based on arrangement pre-discussions of course) *pushy is never sexy*


> If he becomes offensive in terms of opinions (like racism, etc) *!!!*


> If he keeps interrupting you when you're trying to share (this goes both ways btw) *still, a point though- not cool*


Try to be soft in your comments to highlight his fault. Unfortunately telling a Daddy (or anyone) that they are being a dick tends to result in severance of a relationship  (unless you're good friends who are emotionally aware!). 


Still, i think a good Daddy- a man who understands and cares about you will let even your occasional stroppiness slide... and yes, he'll stop being a dick so you can get back into the fantasy vibe.



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This goes for all - a partner, or potential one who is bringing up others, or past partners is very unlikely to be doing it out of stupidity. They mean to make you jealous. It's a hallmark of an exceptionally manipulative person.


I love combatting this behaviour with an eerie, blank look, a thousand-yard stare. The shit-stirrers never quite know what to make of this and it can be very amusing to catch them out in this way.


Guys, you are so transparent I can't even see you when you're behaving like this.