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QUALITY MATTERS - Sugarbabies take note!

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The Quality of a Sugar Daddy - Honestly, it's in their output. I'm not talking buying you things... but in his behaviour. First date is the key. Yep coffees are great, and indeed i suggest that as a first date place *but i am not a Daddy. Of course i think small*.


The quality of the Sugar Daddy and the quality of the relationship they wish to have with you is almost a complete mirror of their first date choice of location, food, conversation and behaviour. 


You don't really need to be a behaviour specialist to read men.. 

You just need to be on the look out for suspicious behaviour.


* LOCATION -- A basic coffee shop? Look at the other clientele. Average coffee- Do they have a good barista? Look at the food on offer. Made on premises.. or does it look =cheap=? A silver service lunch spot? Is it terribly pretencious or do you feel your SD goes to places like this a lot? Business ppl as clientele? What's the menu like? Dinner spot - does he know the waiters or the chef? This will hep you know if he is comfy here, and a regular frequenter of such places.


* CONVERSATION -- Notice the topics covered. Fears highlighted? Are these part n parcel of the arrangement  (i.e. insecurity due to lack of approval at home... or general uncomfortableness?). Can you both talk about the interior design, food, wine? Good conversation about his interests as well? Nice. Does the Daddy understand what a sugar relationship actually is? Does he talk about your finances? 


* INTOLERANCE -- If there's one thing I am intolerant about - well, it's intolerance. LOL. Seriously, though... I have limits. There are things that matter to me... that I will not let slide. For me I draw the line at disrespect around race and GBLT communities... but for you it might be religion or fetishes - whatever. We all have limits, and respecting ourselves is the best boundary we can put forward - don't let a Potential Daddy be a prick about something that matters to you. F*ck him off now.


* STROKING HIS EGO -- Omg, is he all about showing off? Watch this one. Discussions mostly about how rich, powerful and confident he is? He owns 6 cars and a blue Ferrari? He owns a private jet? Probably some narsasistic vibes here. Watch him. Ok, so Daddy is possibly is "A BIG DADDY" which is a dream catch... but can you deal with his arrogance?


* USE OF SUBSTANCES -- Offers you drugs? Lavishes you with alcohol? Hmm. *time to worry*.... your safety comes first. This isn't a "quality" daddy. This is a guy who wants to take advantage of you.




Watch his texting (phone) behaviour. Long time to respond after asking you a pertinent question? That's messed up. They want another picture "a recent one" - bullshit. They're always busy - blow 'em off. Much like the Disappearing Daddy post, you can also get "The Flakey F*cker*. Avoid him!!








 If he isn't nice now, he probably won't improve. Sugarbabies (that are genuine and respectful) deserve kind,  generous and respectful Daddies. Much like dating -- Don't you dare settle for less.




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