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Just Stay In Touch!

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Sugar Daddy going away on holiday? Taking some time to travel without you? Bleep, but isn't it obvious, SD's?!

Stay in touch!


Even for the most logical of women, when our man leaves, we worry.  We doomsday. We think the worst. And no, quite often our thoughts are not pertaining to "will he cheat on me?", but rather - 'does he still love me?'. No, we're not insecure losers, we're just vulnerable. When a woman starts to feel FEELINGS, we get vulnerable.... and shock-horror, men feel those feelings too! 


When a woman feels feelings - to like someone, to want someone, to miss someone... we want to hear from them. We want our SD to be in touch. 


Staying in touch is not a sexual thing, by the way SD's. What to do?


- Send us a photo of something you're seeing out of your window/ what you saw today (beach/ city/ pretty flower?)

- Write a short sms saying hello with a smiley

- Respond to our texts 

- Plan a time to call

- Make a date to see us when you get back


Yeh, we know you're on holiday, having fun with mates, etc... and we want you to have fun. But just remind us that you care. That's all we need.





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