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How To Succeed In Business Or Career

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    View author's info ( 30, Female / Sugar Baby | Rock Island, IL, USA )

    I currently work in healthcare and studying to further my education to climb the ever so present ladder. Put in the time for excellence, there are no shortcuts. You want all the best life has to offer, be prepared to do the leg work.

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    View author's info ( 23, Female / Sugar Baby | Elmont, NY, USA )

    Well Im currently still in school to pursue my nursing degree. Im excited but nervous but I just love helping people and eventually I will go on to become a doctor .Im so excited for the future.It will a lot of work .

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    View author's info ( 18, Female / Sugar Baby | Leeds, England - West Yorkshire, GBR )

    a few years ago I started my own lash business but it wasn't going too wel so I stopped. last year during quarantine I started it up again and I have been really successful since with over 300 orders!

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    View author's info ( 24, Female / Sugar Baby | Vancouver, BC, CAN )

    I started in my industry around 3 years ago. I have risen from the bottom to the top, and now, I have the opportunity of a lifetime. I take pride in my work, I am a fast learner and I'm diligent. Not to mention, I actually L O V E my job.

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    View author's info ( 34, Female / Sugar Baby | Seattle, WA, USA )

    I have yet to achieve the level of success I desire. But I am working on my business every moment I have. I'm looking forward to meeting a successful mentor, that I can really vibe with and invest in my future success's!

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    View author's info ( 21, Female / Sugar Baby | Saugerties, NY, USA )

    I didnt do nothing but work deadened jobs with no help building. A lot of people let me down and hurt me and doing everything alone sucks so much. I would like to benefit myself slowly with people around me.

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    View author's info ( 77, Male / Sugar Daddy | Lexington, NC, USA )

    i am retired living alone and need a room mate under 25 to keep me companyi am open to what ever she wants.just let me know.i will be open to what ever she wants, even if it would be a 3 some lol lust a tought

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    View author's info ( 21, Female / Sugar Baby | Los Angeles, CA, USA )

    Live through others wisdom and take everything with a grain of salt. .

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    View author's info ( 48, Male / Sugar Daddy | London, England - London, GBR )

    I work hard share my resources and make friends rather than enemies.I treat everyone,no exception with dignity. I love learning which has enabled me to always stay up to date.I also network making trustworthy contacts.I have stayed dynamic while at the same time keeping my feet on the ground.I have also kept true to my families motto...Its costs nothing to be nice but everything not to.

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    View author's info ( 36, Female / Sugar Baby | Washington, DC, USA )

    I would love to share how I am achieving my success (it's a constant for me). I run my business with honesty and integrity. I'm a beauty professional; I give my clients the uptmost respect and treatment when they come to receive their services. I pride myself on exceeding expectations and creating a personable experience for them. Being a genuinely good person will get you far in life .... personally and business

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    View author's info ( 31, Male / Sugar Daddy | Newark, OH, USA )

    A strong work ethic and the confidence to take certain risks. You cannot always become successful doing what you love to do, unfortunately. Provide a service that is in demand and success will come...

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    View author's info ( 56, Male / Sugar Daddy | Scranton, PA, USA )

    90% of the people here are scammers and they are not interested in success it's too time consuming, college education, internships, scammers don't have time for that. They want m&ney fast and quick so they prey on the desperate and naive(nice way of saying fools), and it looks like we have plenty here. Otherwise we wouldn't have so many scammers.

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    View author's info ( 46, Male / Sugar Daddy | Wyndham, Victoria, Australia )

    Networking has provided me with all I have. The rest is easy. Do not ever feel that it is too late to begin learning something that you do enjoy. We have one life and a purpose. The key is to find that purpose.

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    View author's info ( 30, Female / Sugar Baby | Indianapolis, IN, USA )

    I'm more of a creative type who can't decide which creative outlet to go for. I had a solid plan every intention with every intention of moving across the country to execute it this year, but covid made that impossible for now. Leaving me wondering if it's even still what I want to do. I recently started an * to express myself and my creative side. Check it out. https://*/rulerreyna

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    View author's info ( 24, Female / Sugar Baby | Danville, PA, USA )

    Honestly I couldn't have done it without my loving, and supporting coworkers, family, and friends. Also having my persistence and personal drive, an education to work my hardest to achieve my goals...