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43, Female / Sugar Baby | 902 linden street boise idaho, Boise, Idaho, United States

A handsome man outgoing respectable gentlemen.having good conversation and making eye contact.going out for a drive and pulling along a mountainside to watch the stars while listening to music and cuddling.when my date arrives it would be nice to see a very clean cut handsome man
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40, Female / Sugar Baby | Whitewater, Wisconsin, United States

Somewhere casual for a drink to get to know one another. Maybe a drink or a walk somewhere. Compatibility and communication are important. Being able to get to know one another on a first date is important.
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41, Female / Sugar Baby | Hooks, Texas, United States

We can stay home you can go and get maybe like a bunch of chicken or a bunch of pizza just like snack it up you know like popcorn and stuff like that and maybe we could like binge watch a show on TV until we get into some freaky s*** I don't know but yeah I'm kind of simple
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48, Female / Sugar Baby | Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Just something light and simple so we can talk and catch a vibe. Somewhere not too crowed and not too loud, so we enjoy the conversation. I am not hard to please, but I would prefer somewhere we can dress casual.
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42, Female / Sugar Baby | Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Somewhere we can talk and get to know each other... Maybe dinner wine a walk beach idk so mamy things come to mind. I just want to meet someone who shares my interest and is a gentleman there hard to find anymore.
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41, Female / Sugar Baby | Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium

By the beach. Candlelight. A cool breeze and thai king crab 🤩
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43, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Surprise me... I'm a go with the flow type of girl! I love music, food, the beach. A picnic at the park, a ride on a Ferris wheel, a boat ride on a lake... I want to follow your lead and just enjoy your company.
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47, Female / Sugar Baby | where the 91/710 meet, Long Beach, California, United States

Honestly never had a sugar daddy I just heard they love to spoil so I'm ready. I cook for my sugar daddy or if he loves to cook he could cook something delicious up for me or I would say a nice dinner out at a fancy restaurant and a movie after on a quiet night or dinner and drinks and dancing on a wild night. Maybe go watch a comedian since I love to laugh. I also heard they love to take us shopping. I honestly have no expectations just here for it.I know how to take care of a man emotionally I can spoil in my own way.I feel like I paid my dues and I'm ready for it. Who doesn't like nice things right?im a little scared of heights and airplanes just putting that out there but would be willing to do depending on whose taking me. But basically a good vibe and someone that I feel a have a connection with would be amazing and I love a man that takes charge and makes plans and tells me what we're going to do but definitely and hopefully has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh and well mannered would be amazing.
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43, Female / Sugar Baby | Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States

Somewhere mellow and not too crowded, where we can enjoy each other's company and perhaps a glass of wine while getting to know each other. If the drinks and conversation are both flowing the possibilities are endless.
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49, Male / Sugar Daddy | Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Just a simple quiet coffee or drink, maybe a walk get to know each other and see if there is any chemistry I'm a pretty simple guy, dont like surprises or anything flashy, not looking for attention out in the world
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49, Female / Sugar Baby | Pineville, Louisiana, United States

I would love to go to the Symphony. Or maybe a couple of museums.. Something beautiful. Even go see a football game.. What would be magical is seeing a football game somewhere else other than Louisiana.
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41, Female / Sugar Baby | McKinney, Texas, United States

Under the stars in the pillow fort in the bed of a pickup! Dinner, drinks, laughs, music and good company. Maybe a few two steps unexpected. I love surprises and little things.. I love to fish, that even sounds like a good time...
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44, Female / Sugar Baby | Dallas, Texas, United States

Social drinking maybe good food. If it's better be good, otherwise I should pay. Live music/water/stars&Merlot... I love to laugh... and I'm so goofy I'm sure you will laugh aswell. I want to dress sexy and go out and watch people gawk at me because they can't help but look.
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42, Female / Sugar Baby | 125 N.W. 9th Street Okc, Ok 73103 The Towers Apartments, Ok...

Meeting at my place and having some clean and discrete fun with no strings attached!
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46, Female / Sugar Baby | Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada

.................................................... .................................................... .................................................... ....................................................
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48, Female / Sugar Baby | Alcova, Wyoming, United States

The ideal first date .... hhhmmm! If it was something that he has planned and says "be ready in 30 min because we have someplace to be!" I'd be impressed! A date should be something that required effort! I don't Netflix and Chill. So don't come at me with that crap!
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44, Male / Sugar Daddy | Toorak, Victoria, Australia

I'd take my baby for a facial, manicure, pedicure, massage and then go shopping and buy her whatever she wants. We then go to dinner and finish up cuddling on the couch watching tv after a long day of pampering.
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41, Female / Sugar Baby | Lee, Florida, United States

Relaxed, fun, sports event or a event that would allow us to be comfortable and extra sassy! I love to show my man and complete him. I am a old fashioned woman that respects the mans position. I am not here to up him I am here to complement him
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40, Female / Sugar Baby | Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia

Meet for drink and get a feel for each other- See if there is a natural chemistry and meeting of the minds. If our intentions and desires are similar we can plan some future dates and start a sexy arrangement.
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43, Male / Sugar Daddy | Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Travel to an exotic country and enjoy sunsets, cocktails and the fresh seafood. Staying in 5 star hotels and seeing al the sites and activities that make that country special. Finding time to relax and get some sun and work on our tans.

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