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44, Male / Sugar Daddy | Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

Let's play put put or go drive go carts. We will tap into our child energy, by being kid like. Bottom line, let's laugh and go from there. Or We could grab a coffee/drink and get to know each other better.
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48, Male / Sugar Daddy | Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Anything fun, doesn't really matter where. As long as there's good food and drinks coupled with good conversation, I'm good. Dating is not about trying to impress one another yet, it's to see if there's a potential connection or a 'spark' if you will. Let's get to know each other and go from there.
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46, Female / Sugar Baby | 😊, Davenport, Florida, United States

Messages first of all, I dont really like websites like this, and don't really believe in much, so yes messages will be the first idea. 😊 since I've seen to many crazy stuff on here , trust is the first thing a humble person like me needs.
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43, Female / Sugar Baby | Calhoun, Georgia, United States

Dinner and fun filled evening full of surprises. Spontaneous behavior getting to know each others wants and needs .enjoying each others company and spoiling each other as much as possible through out the night
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45, Male / Sugar Daddy | Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Being an experienced Sugar Daddy I always like to do an initial meet and greet. It could be something like lunch, coffee in a public place. I don't really consider it a date. I am looking to be able to see you 2-4 times a month.
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48, Male / Sugar Daddy | Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Cash gift 🎁 $$$ to meet socially like a Starbucks, lunch or dinner. A successful arrangement begins on a social platform, to see if we click/buy. I want to arrangement to begin only if we both are attracted to each other :-)
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45, Male / Sugar Daddy | 25 Grenfell St, Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, Austral...

Coffee, Drinks at a trendy bar, or dinner at a fancy place or nice rooftop bar where we can both enjoy the effort we have put in our first date while indulging in each other's company surrounded by amazing views, classy atmosphere and enticing background music.
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41, Male / Sugar Daddy | I will choose based on your tastes., Jacksonville Beach, Flo...

An excellent dinner at a high end restaurant for steak or sushi or even vegan if need be. Looking forward to great conversations and the opportunity to put away my cellphone and enjoy relaxing with you. Healthy quantities of great wine and a nice moonlight walk along the beach admiring the universe itself and so many things.
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43, Female / Sugar Baby | Paris, France

An ideal date will be in a nice cafe/nice restaurant for a casual drink. I prefer to see the person in real human form than chatting virtually. Phone call if the person is not based in Paris also fine.
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43, Male / Sugar Daddy | Columbus, Ohio, United States

Lunch. Dinner. Getting to know each other. Talking and finding out of there are any sparks. I want to show you exactly what I bring to the table when it comes to a relationship. The potential of something great!
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45, Female / Sugar Baby | Centralia, Illinois, United States

I'm happy with a greasy pizza and a cold drink. We could even go to a movie after a nice dinner ( no not pizza). Maybe even get a Starbucks and take a walk somewhere. I'm really easy to please, I just require a little attention
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41, Male / Sugar Daddy | Wahiawa, Hawaii, United States

Waking you up in the morning with breakfast... And fun. You're asleep and you let me in. I don't into your room and gently como under the sheets. Kiss your neck gently and delicately as you start to awake... Slowly making my way around your body as you slowly turn your head wanting more.... Breakfast may or may not follow
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42, Female / Sugar Baby | 1 south street, Morristown, New Jersey, United States

Just have a nice and interesting conversation laughing stress relive for both while siping a good Merlot or coffe. I have a fun enjoyable extrovertida personalitythat you make more than confortable. Hopefully I will met a friendly respectful and gentleman that Mach with my personality and if not let's work together.
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41, Male / Sugar Daddy | Devon, United Kingdom

With an easy going girl with great legs (shape is more important than length) who likes to wear short skirts/dresses. Ideally tight fitting! Maybe we'd go to the gym in the day & then out for drinks in the eve.
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41, Male / Sugar Daddy | I usually enjoy it in the back seat of my Range Rover., Melb...

Fellatio. Thats all I really wanted to write but this silly site wants me to write a minimum of 200 characters to impress the babes but I'm afraid I'm nowhere near witty enough to rise above such a high bar.
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43, Female / Sugar Baby | box 241, Fox Creek, Alberta, Canada

A night in my local bar the grizz, drinks and vlts, then hang out with my friend at her place for a few more drinks and a good laugh. Or head back to my place to relax on the couch and watch a few movies.
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43, Male / Sugar Daddy | Eden rise village, Berwick, Victoria, Australia

Dinner, drinks, conversation... Like short haircut girly girl. Curves, short height is a plus. Relationship perhaps with the right person. Let's see where it takes... 😍 May love those who love cars more as I am crazy about motor sports... ❤ 😊
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40, Female / Sugar Baby | Acadia Valley, Alberta, Canada

Going to a public place for a drink, chat, get to know each other(break the ice) see if there is q spark. Dinner would be great too. #winks I love to sing. So a karaoke date would be a great start. And hey, I don't care if you can't sing. I am not fantastic myself, so we could make a good pair and laugh at ourselves. In the end, the most beautiful moments aren't really perfect!
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47, Male / Sugar Daddy | 611 summit cr rd Hayfork ca 96041,,530-739-9980,, miller126...

Well,let's start out this date in the late afternoon. Cu where I live,you a little over an hour to anywhere,however let's go west to the coast about 2hrs away. That way we have time to know each other and there are many great views along the way, I grew up on the coast and know where alot of nice beaches to see the sunset,or maybe atop a mountain overlooking the entire coastal area.. I love a good conversation and that's perhaps the only true way to find out what my perfect date would be,,I guess it would be if both of us never wants the date to end, That would truly be the best 1st date.
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49, Male / Sugar Daddy | Salem, Oregon, United States

How about drinks and conversaation? Looking for intelligence and humor. Lets enjoy life and laugh along the way. What do you think? Live life to the fullest and embrace the challenges. See where it goes from there.

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