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40, Female / Sugar Baby | Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

I would like to meet somewhere nice, while its still nice outside for lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant. If you prefer meeting somewhere else that's fine too. Maybe a movie, a nice walk and talk in the park.
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40, Female / Sugar Baby | No specific location..., Merrillville, Indiana, United State...

Lunch or dinner! Outdoor patio seating with a nice view and great vibe...I love American food, seafood, soul food but I am willing to try new types of food as well. I don't drink but if you want a cocktail that's okay with me.
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49, Female / Sugar Baby | I live in the city of Baton Rouge East Baton Rouge Parish, B...

I'm a simple person easy to please dinner and a movie or a walk in the park!!!! It could even be going to a gym, or playing some kind of sport like bowling, pool.. I am the point where it can be very casual or very elegant...
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48, Female / Sugar Baby | Columbia, Missouri, United States

Maybe you cook for me and we get to know each other or a movie. Let's see if our vibe can connect. Not really a drinker but if that's what you enjoy then that's what wwe will do. Talking and maybe a few cuddles to end the night if the vibe is right
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42, Male / Sugar Daddy | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Food, laughter and good vibes. I love museums and art exhibitions. Physical activity, such as a hike or just a nice walk in the park lost in conversation is a definite win as well. I'm open to a lot of things as long as the energy is good.
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40, Female / Sugar Baby | Hermitage, Pennsylvania, United States

Someplace public, of course. Not trying to get my throat slit. A nice lunch would do just fine. I'm a sapiophile, so bring your A game or don't bother wasting my time lol. Good conversation over a broad range of topics will hold my attention far better than smut.
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43, Male / Sugar Daddy | Rubin museum, Manhattan, New York, United States

Learning more about each other and enjoying a little positivity in this vast metropolis. Coffee or tea? I enjoy both of these Wine or beer? I can dig it Intriguing conversations and revolutionary adventures.
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49, Female / Sugar Baby | Dallas, Texas, United States

My ideal first date starts with choosing a comfortable, cozy restaurant with dim lighting, so I look good (but enough lighting for me to tell that he actually looks good). We share some tapas plates together.
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46, Female / Sugar Baby | Austin, Texas, United States

Somewhere nice. We could talk and go out for a walk.
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44, Female / Sugar Baby | Bude, England, United Kingdom

Red wine and nice food.
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40, Female / Sugar Baby | Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, United States

I would like to meet someone who would possibly come support my business and see what I'm all about so I run a small massage and skincare spa in the basement of my home. Then I'd feel more comfortable we could go have drinks dinner whatever
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43, Female / Sugar Baby | Draper, Utah, United States

Anywhere we can talk. Get to know each other. I love getting to know people. And you learn so much by how they talk about their life. Their mannerisms. Their eyes. Their smile. A glimpse into their soul. ❤️
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44, Female / Sugar Baby | Washington, Georgia, United States

I love waterfalls or any kinda running water. Might sound weird but something magical about it. But...give me mountains over the beach anyway.
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47, Female / Sugar Baby | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

A nice dinner maybe a walk or just sit and talk with a cup of tea and get to know each other Iam not the kind 9f girl to have sex on the first few dates I would likebto get to know some one first and make sure Iam not just a paid sex toy !!
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46, Male / Sugar Daddy | When I pray and face East, unlike the egotistical think they...

Pray in the Holiest of Holys, giving & showing thanks & gratitude praise raising high into the Heavens (notice the plural)... Hallelujah, I see You in her & You in me
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46, Female / Sugar Baby | Loganville, Georgia, United States

I would love to do something interactive like Top Golf or Dave and Busters. That way, there aren't any awkward silences and we can chat, talk trash (I'm competitive 🤷🏾‍♀️) and laugh. I'm not really into "watching" something as a first date (movie, play) because we aren't really communicating.
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46, Female / Sugar Baby | Hindman, Kentucky, United States

First date I'm always nervous, I'm comfortable with just a simple date. If it's coming to my home with flowers, wine and carry-out for a relaxing evening getting to know each other but I'm always up for a couples spa date:)
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40, Female / Sugar Baby | Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Just a nice casual dinner somewhere to break the ice and get to know each other. Possibly downtown Indianapolis maybe a walk along the canal and just some nice conversation get to know a little bit about one another and what our likes and dislikes are and what we have in common.
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47, Male / Sugar Daddy | hhh, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

Well, I have two 1st date ideas... 1st choice would be for us to spend some domestic time together cooking a meal. We would get to know each other and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Then some wine and hopefully some laughs. My other choice would def be a karaoke bar! Nothing like getting to know each other like singing karaoke! Add some drinks and I think we would be off to an amazing night!
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41, Female / Sugar Baby | anythhing outside, Shreveport, Louisiana, United States

On the lake or river. Drinking something strong listening to some good music.

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