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42, Female / Sugar Baby | Kissimmee, Florida, USA

My ideal first date would be at a romantic restaurant that's fancy. Would love the date even more if it was by the beach. I love to hear the lovely noises of the ocean. Enjoying good food & drinks 💛 and wonderful company.
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49, Male / Sugar Daddy | Houston, Texas, USA

A nice romantic dinner and stimulating conversation would be great to find out more about each other and to see if there is a mutual attraction. I believe a person to person meeting is the only way to find if you truly have chemistry.
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45, Male / Sugar Daddy | somewhere with great views, Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Fine dining in a beautiful trendy restaurant with an attractive lady. Ordering the best on the menu for us to enjoy. Then chilling out in a relaxing and luxurious environment without a care in the world.
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49, Male / Sugar Daddy | Geneva, Illinois, USA

Dinner, Coffee. Nice chat over good meal. Gourmet fine dining, glass of good whiskey or wine. If limited with time - Coffee at good bakery with nice gourmet 🍞. Picnic or stroll on the lakefront if time permits.
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44, Male / Sugar Daddy | Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Drinks with food and smoking weed at a place that serves good food and drinks. Then let's talk.........................................................................................................
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44, Female / Sugar Baby | No location specifically., New York, New York, USA

It doesn't matter so much what we do as long as we are conversing and getting to know each other. I love to try new things. Let's try a new kind of food or see a new artist or why not both? I'm a huge seafood and sushi fan but I'm open to trying most things.
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41, Female / Sugar Baby | Clio, Michigan, USA

Long night talking under the stars after dinner and music flowers and tons of great conversations! I love life and want to live it to the fullest, but I need some help who wants to be a great first date for me flower liquor music great talks
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45, Female / Sugar Baby | Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

Location - I'm happy to meet anywhere in public initially, then if successful, I'm flexible from that point on. Activity - We could meet at a cafe for a light meal, or a wine bar for a sneaky red and light meal.
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43, Female / Sugar Baby | Not giving that, Suffolk, Virginia, USA

walk and talk. Im simple.... AT 1ST
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43, Male / Sugar Daddy | Pretty much anywhere, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

It really depends on my mood and my week. If I am feeling more energetic, then I will want to go out and do something. That could be going out to brunch and then a walk, it could be going out to dinner, going to a cocktail bar or a dive bar to chat then coming back to my place. If I have had a rough work week, I might just want you to come over for some drinks (I worked for a bit as a bartender when I lived in NYC, I can make a solid drink or give you plenty of other options) and takeout while we watch a movie and you help me relax and forget all about work.. ;) Let me know if you have a preference.
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42, Female / Sugar Baby | Lansing, Michigan, USA

Something like meet for a simple lunch or dinner. Talk and see if we are compatible. See where it goes from there. Maybe a museum or festival. Just something simple that we both mutually agree on. I don't like movies for a first date. I feel it should be in an environment where we can learn about each other.
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46, Male / Sugar Daddy | I haven't the foggiest, Talladega, Alabama, USA

January 1st
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42, Female / Sugar Baby | A nice healthy lunch., Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Meeting at a healthy restaurant of your choice, flowing conversation, finding out common interest, but still gaining understanding or learning about potential common interest. Smile it's not all business.. 😁We are definitely going to laugh... After lunch go walk and talk till we notice the stars and know that there will be a second meeting.....
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47, Male / Sugar Daddy | wherever, Menifee, California, USA

Meeting up for a couple of coctails somewhere and sharing in some laughs and getting to know one another
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47, Male / Sugar Daddy | Rhinebeck, New York, USA

My ideal first date might be to meet for coffee and conversation, or for Dinner. Just to see if we click, and might be a match. Then we could discuss the future and see if an ongoing plan would be appropriate, or just the occasional rendezvous. Dessert is always a good idea!
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40, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere in San Antonio preferably but im okay with travelin...

An ideal first date would be any place in public to grab a coffee or brunch. We will be able to see if there is any chemistry and continue from there or if nothing else appreciate the laughs and good conversation.
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46, Female / Sugar Baby | Los Angeles, California, USA

Romantic dinner, Walk on the street of LA, watching an adventure movie, star gazing, or have a picnic in the park, playing volleyball on the beach, I am open minded and I love to have joy. I like spontaneity too, suprise me!
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43, Male / Sugar Daddy | Dinner, Oak Lawn, Illinois, USA

A nice quiet dim lit restaurant where we could we could actually hear and get to know each other possibly a nice a bottle of wine or a drink of your choice. Or if that's not your thing just simply meet for a drink.
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45, Male / Sugar Daddy | 4B Main St, Hartford, CT, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Go out to dinner, get to know each other. Enjoy dessert afterwards, spend some quiet time together. Light hearted, less intense dates are nice too, and the important thing is to enjoy each other's company.
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42, Female / Sugar Baby | San Francisco, California, USA

Brunch in the City (San Francisco) with a view on a beautiful day. Once we're done with a bite to eat and some drinks maybe a walk around the city afterwards. I love anything with mimosas and good coffee.

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