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58, Male / Sugar Daddy | have dinner with me at my home in germantown and we'll cook ...

i like to get away out of town so we can be comfortable togeather in an atmosphere that we are ambiguous. i want my girl to show me affection because i am a affectionate man i want my girl to be open to trying new things in return i will be open to your interest also
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50, Female / Sugar Baby | Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

After introductions, something clicks and we have a great conversation. We go somewhere casual, not too loud. We enjoy a cocktail & an appetizer we have in common. We recognize something in each other that is compatible.
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51, Male / Sugar Daddy | Oldsmar, Florida, United States

My first date would be, stock the cooler get wine and drink for a day on the beach. Then a late afternoon nap in the cold A.C. We hit a sushi like 7pm and get more drinks. We go out till we drop, then the next day we order breakfast in bed!!!
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55, Female / Sugar Baby | Columbus, Ohio, United States

Dinner with wine just to chat and get to know each other's personalities & wants, needs & desires. I love to have fun! I want to finally live life to the fullest! I want to know amd understand the person I am with.
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59, Female / Sugar Baby | Elyria, Ohio, United States

maybe Go have drinks and dinner.i love country setting and we can chat get to know about each other go horseback riding and have a picnic lunch somewhere outdoors where it is just calm and quiet away from the city ..
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58, Female / Sugar Baby | Norwalk, California, United States

Talk & get to know you... see if there's any chemistry & or compatibility. Find out if there's anything we have in common. I would love to meet up near the beach for a first date... that would be my preference.
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59, Male / Sugar Daddy | Edmond, Oklahoma, United States

I'm pretty open in regards to this. Something convenient for both parties. An opportunity to see if there is any natural attraction. Something very organic and hopefully doesn't feel like a job interview.
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58, Male / Sugar Daddy | Located in the High Desert., Victorville, California, United...

While preparing a home cooked meal together, we interact, talk and share our thoughts, dreams and what we most desire. After dinner we continue to share and disclosed our likes and dislikes. And after dessert and drinks and well after our meal has settled, we make our way to bedroom and consumate the relationship.
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59, Male / Sugar Daddy | Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

An ideal 1st date that would have to be somewhere where we could actually interact talking to know each other but maybe a wine tasting I'm not a huge drinker but that's something fun maybe we go down to Findlay market downtown and walk around maybe we go to seeing 75 and play games. The perfect date would start out with lunch where we both have the day off and we go somewhere fun gets to know each other some like each other enough that we actually go to dinner that evening
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57, Male / Sugar Daddy | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Walk in a park and lots of conversation. Maybe some shopping, or arrange a massage, or a facial or a spa. Whatever you might enjoy as the sd serves to please his sb. A delicious meal and you get to chose if you want or I will.
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51, Male / Sugar Daddy | Kensington, Maryland, United States

A public place that we would both be comfortable in. Coffee, Lunch, Dinner, or Happy Hour... We arrive in anticipation and leave with wanting more. We leave looking forward to the next time we see each other. Overtime our relationship and bond grows.
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56, Male / Sugar Daddy | 1901 west chester pk Havertown, Broomall, Pennsylvania, Uni...

What ever the woman wants. If she leaves it to me. Meet for coffee. Drinks with lunch or dinner. Picnic in the park. Long conversations while walking on the beach. Talking by a nice lake. Just enjoying each other
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57, Male / Sugar Daddy | Valencia, California, United States

I'd like to have a great dinner and find out more about you and who you're looking for. A little wine and conversation can go long way to helpin us figure out if we are the one we're looking for. I eat anything so the place is your choice.
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52, Male / Sugar Daddy | Charleston, South Carolina, United States

If it's a good match, we won't even remember where we are, just who we're with, and time will fly by. So, what are some of your ideas? One thing for certain is let's not be boring. Let's make other people jealous of us!
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50, Male / Sugar Daddy | Boise, Idaho, United States

I’m a little old-fashioned. I open doors and like to go for drinks AND dinner on the first date. But it’s all part of what makes me a gentleman.
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52, Male / Sugar Daddy | El Paso, Texas, United States

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52, Female / Sugar Baby | Spring, Texas, United States

Dinner, chatting abs become familiar
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59, Female / Sugar Baby | 16402 farm view drive, Conroe, Texas, United States

Dinner, drinks maybe in Galveston or south padre island. A concert I play alot of stevie Nick'sand Fleetwood mac and Santana.
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53, Male / Sugar Daddy | COVENTRY CITY CENTRE, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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53, Female / Sugar Baby | Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

A cafe date is always nice. But it's even more fun to choose somewhere a little different, be it Auckland Museum, Auckland Art Gallery, Cornwall Park, Wintergarden, Kelly Tarlton's, Devonport, Waiheke or any number of other great options. Auckland offers so much. There are definitely benefits to living in the big smoke.

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