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52, Male / Sugar Daddy | Short North, Columbus, Ohio, United States

A nice dinner away from Short North and Ohio State areas. Nice restaurant, talking and getting to know each other. We can talk about interests and expectations. Likes and dislikes, etc.
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51, Female / Sugar Baby | Yorkshire, United Kingdom

To be wined n dined great food great conversation n who knows where the night will take us.
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54, Male / Sugar Daddy | Lanaudière, Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Quebec, Canada

Se rencontrer, s’émerveiller, répondre à nos interrogations, se contempler, s’apprivoiser, excitant. Belle aventure en perspective, tu ne trouve pas? Une bonne bouffe dans un resto, un chic resto, un très bon verre de vin, j’ai hâte de te rencontrer.
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56, Female / Sugar Baby | Nashville, Tennessee, United States

A quiet, comfortable place where we can enjoy refreshment as we chat and learn about each other. Weather permitting, we could maybe pick up some lunch and meet at a park. If nights are better, we could meet at a quiet restaurant.
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54, Female / Sugar Baby | Applegate, California, United States

Let's start with either a long bike ride a mountain hike or some sort of physical activity. Followed by finding a great place to grab a bite to eat great conversation perhaps there's music playing or some kind of great activity going on in the background.
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50, Male / Sugar Daddy | Cobham, United Kingdom

Well, I'm only thinking of a drink date initially as we can relax more & easier to talk frankly with no complications of menus, although we could still eat if you choose. If we hit it off then we can up the anti on another date. This is new to me too, so it'll be great to go in with positive & open minds. Glyn
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53, Male / Sugar Daddy | Aurora, Illinois, United States

Something laid back and allows us to get to know each other. Chemistry is the key with me. Be honest and up-front about what you're looking for. Other than that....let's enjoy a nice night and get to know each other better.
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53, Male / Sugar Daddy | Simple, Coram, New York, United States

Simple meet for coffee lunch get to know each other, see if there is some chemistry between us, that is essential to a good relationship. Need positive influence in my life, no negatively. Lets enjoy life .
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50, Female / Sugar Baby | Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, United States

If you have a private jet, let's take an impromptu trip to Ireland or a nice quiet localdinner for us to get to know each other works too lol Shopping, shopping, shopping would be my ultimate dream date!
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52, Male / Sugar Daddy | Morrison, Morrison, Colorado, United States

Coffee or happy hour in a place we can hear each other. Love to get to know someone that has different interests than mine and some of my things that I like to do. Wow this thing wants 200 hundred characters...
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51, Female / Sugar Baby | Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Dinner under the stars in a private location to allow intimate chat, kisses and cuddles and whatever else comes up. I prefer easy, relaxed nights out rather than dressing up and going to high class restaurants. Great food can be simple but am more about the company.
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58, Male / Sugar Daddy | Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States

walk around the aquarium, talk and get aquanted, check out deep sea blue animals, let's take cool ride on go cars track.Joy is the key. Now its dinner time,Have a nice feast we both compromise on.Live happy ever after.
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51, Female / Sugar Baby | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Nice and easy with drinks and appies on a patio or maybe a coffee and a walk. A dog walk is always a good option as I have 2, 20 pounders. I'm interested in getting to know you not just your benefits.
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58, Male / Sugar Daddy | Hawesville, Kentucky, United States

A casual meeting to see if there is a connection, after that anything goes. Dinner out or I can grill steaks, conversation over drinks, a motorcycle ride through a country road, a weekend getaway. The best first dates never end ...
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58, Male / Sugar Daddy | Arlington, Virginia, United States

5 course dinner w wine pairings or In n Out Burger followed by driving around listening to indie music and playing Pokemon Go... your call
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51, Male / Sugar Daddy | Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Have coffee breakfast lunch Seaford beach cafe overlooking the sand on the water walk on the pier laugh if there is chemistry maybe go for a swim or go for a sail on my yacht depending on the weather and the wind
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56, Male / Sugar Daddy | Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

You look great I guess I need to see you first What about a coffe somewhere in FFM?
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56, Male / Sugar Daddy | London, Ohio, United States

A fun meeting at a restaurant or event to have drinks and/or dinner....then if things go well a nice walk. Like the Short North Gallery Hop for example. Get the chance to get to know each other better
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58, Male / Sugar Daddy | Local, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Love to meet you locally in your area for a coffee & a nice sit down & chat. When we get on perhaps a dinner later in the city.
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50, Male / Sugar Daddy | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A fine wine in a secluded corner of an intimate bar with engaging conversation that's just a little bit flirty too. Learning about what excites and energises you, what you hope to achieve and what I need to know about you.

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