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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

I would want to go dancing for my first date. I think a man who can dance and have a good time is sexy. A couple glasses of wine to finish off the night and look up in the night sky at the stars at a drive-in movie.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Bli Bli, Queensland, Australia

A walk along the beach with an ice cream at dusk. Or a picnic along a creek, lake or river with a variety of foods to scoff down then lay down and look at the sky. And for both people to enjoy themselves to the best they can.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Brooklyn, New York, United States

An afternoon of shopping for a dinner outfit followed by a Helicoptor ride over new york city. to end the night, spend an evening having dinner Serra rooftop restaurant and at and drinks at 1 Rooftop Garden & Bar.
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Clarksville, Tennessee, United States

Food is always a plus! A girls gotta eat! 😉 Somewhere fun and outside of the normal date setting! Best icebreaks are the ones where there is a healthy dose of competition! I want to laugh, see new things that make you really think, something different to lock away in my memory back for future days!
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States

I'm open to maybe drinks and live music Or drinks & dinner I'm really not that hard to please but always about the money really..oh well take it or leave it it's all up to you if you wanna have some fun Or not 😉
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Adamsville, Alabama, United States

A nice dinner getting dressed up going out and enjoying each other's company a nice glass of wine talking about our dreams and how we couldn't make each other better people for this crazy world we live in.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Orange, New Jersey, United States

I'm very chilled and layed back, I'm the type of female, I'll like to get to know a person before I start finding interested in them. The first date location wouldn't really bothered me so much, however, this date should persuade me to wanting to continue talking to you. What you do on the first date and how I'll think you'll treat me throughout the whole thing so I would love to know and feel love that very day.
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42, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere, Torrington, Wyoming, United States

To first meet for coffee and conversation, see if we click, important that there are a lot of laughs and you are honest. If we do find each other attractive mentally and physically, we can let the day lead into dinner, drinks and dancing. And we can end the night with a share goodnight kiss.
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

You arrive with gifts and we leave for a nice restaurant. Then we would leave and have a stroll. We would get back and have convos about any and everything. The vibe would be just right while slow music playing and then ......
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35, Female / Sugar Baby | Malibu, California, United States

Lovely dinner overlooking sandy and warm beaches ! Or even a cozy night with scrumptious food and tasty wine , can't forget conversation filled with laughs and interesting convo. Adventure is great too ! I love 💕 ATV riding as one of my pastimes .
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | near an aquarium of some sort i just really love marine life...

A rainy day and we go out and eat at somewhere simple and go to an art museum or aquarium and just relax walk get to know each other. I'm also very in love with the rain it's super magical and I think it's the key to the best date and it's been a dream of mine for awhile.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Dayton, Ohio, United States

A tattoo date! You can be my support person while I get tattooed and then we can go out for dinner and go back to your place and cuddle up and watch your favorite movies and have some nice snacks while you tell me funny stories
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Greenville, North Carolina, United States

An ideal date for me would be maybe sightseeing somewhere, then to a nice restaurant for a delicious dinner and after that we could end the night off with some dessert of some sort and a walk through the city
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, United States

I think a picnic with nice conversation would be a great first date. The ability to talk and get to know one another as well as our intentions without background distractions would be beneficial for both parties.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My first idea date would be to either get some food or drinks. A place where we can learn more about each other and carry on a lively conversation. Surrounded by a gorgeous environment with quality time.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Something small, to get to know each other and discuss what we are looking for, always got to have a beer, naturally. I'm a big food baby so meals are a must wether you buy it or not we will be eating.
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | McGregor, Texas, United States

An ice breaker ... maybe dinner and drinks ... but not over the top. Musem or walking around the city looking for random fun just Get to know each other and see what each other is looking for. I'm down for whatever honestly
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | gaucho, Birmingham, United Kingdom

I've always wanted to go to gaucho for dinner and drinks and enjoy the sounds of just everything. The food there I hear that it is amazing it also goes hand in hand with the lights and the interior of the restaurant
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | City of London, United Kingdom

The top place to go on a date in London is The Shard, this is due its wide selection of restaurants and bars as well as unbeatable views of London City. Another great option is The Rooftop St. James, which are perfect for warm summer evenings.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Newark, New Jersey, United States

Honestly I just love seeing new places and trying things I've never done before. I love random spontaneous dates. Keeps things exciting and different. I love to see someone's fun side on the first date.

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