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20, Female / Sugar Baby | california, Salida, California, United States

I like to go to places that aren't allowed and try things that will seem crazy to those who like to play it simple. my first time taking someone out was on a train. the next was in a junkyard on top of a ambulance vehicle.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Burlington, Vermont, United States

I have not been to very many cities in my life, nor had the opportunity to try so many foods that the world has to offer. How about going to different types of cuisine to try foods that we've never had before. Although I have food at home, theres something about someone bringing me a fancy meal that turns me on. Maybe its the not having to do the dishes after :)
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55, Male / Sugar Daddy | Mesa, Arizona, United States

People watching at a Terminal 4 restaurant and Sky Train back to my car for a casual drive, not necessarily to a love nest on the first date.
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35, Male / Sugar Daddy | New market, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

A good day or nights out should always start with a good invitation! Here is one! Viaduct harbor seems nice on a Friday night.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Herndon, Virginia, United States

I will try anything once. Take me somewhere to try something new! We can go find a small hole in the wall and try some deep blue sea critter or take me to a place that makes a great wabu steak. I love trying new wines although I cannot promise I will like it.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Nashville, Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States

I would love to be surprised with maybe a cooking class or a class where we make pastries. I enjoy and love cooking. I would like to be able to do it with someone else learning something new or doing something new. While sharing time together.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | California, Sacramento, California, United States

I'm not sure what culinary adventures exactly is but anything with food and adventure I am up for. A private cooking class from a culinary chef of an exotic cuisine. I am a huge food and have always dreamed of culinary school and my own restaurant.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | New York, New York, United States

Hmm something simple like taking a private jet to a secluded island in Greece & by the time we arrive for dinner it’ll be around 2am but by the time we’re done eating and talking, the sun will be rising and we can watch it while walking along the beach & we’re both having such a great time that we don’t want it to end- So what do we do? We fly to Italy for breakfast and ride vespas to lunch, by then the wine & carbs will have made us sleepy so we rent a cozy home in a green luscious village, very old & rustic looking. We wake that evening and decide to take a train to France, we take photos on disposable cameras to develop later. We eat at a really low-key spot with candles for lighting. Red velvet, blue roses, this place is high class. You take my hand and say “why do we have to go home?” And I say “we don’t” and we fly back to Greece after dinner and build a house where we’ll grow old & die. The end.
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | London, City of London, United Kingdom

.........A great first date would be going out for a great dinner with a gentleman who loves to have fun!............... I love men who are romantic, original and love to surprise me!..................
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55, Male / Sugar Daddy | Your Favorite Place, Greensboro, North Carolina, United Stat...

I enjoy a casual lunch or dinner. Some place we can get comfortable with each other. Sharing conversation, drinks and good food. If the chemistry is right, maybe take it to a more comfortable, romantic place where we can become better acquainted.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

on my potential first date we would go for lunch or dinner to learn one another of course. Please be a gentleman with a sense of humor. I enjoy fun & spare of the moment spontaneous activities. message me your phone number & lets take it from there.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Los Angeles, California, United States

I imagine a casual breakfast or lunch, good coffee, even better conversation. I'm a morning person so breakfast dates are a must. Also interested in cooking together, would be very cute to share a moment in the kitchen with one another.
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52, Male / Sugar Daddy | London, City of London, United Kingdom

I am from San Francisco CA and the best first date I had went like this. I went to her plave around 4pm we had a glass of wine and she had some great green leaf (legal in CA) she had a nice place and we were c hatting and smoking and drinking and started to get to know each other more intimately and that was the first round then we freshen up and had another glass of wine and smoked some more and now we were laughing and having a great time with each other so we went back to the bedroom that was round 2. Now it was around 7pm and we were startng to get hungry so we decided to a great hip restaurant in SF and so she got dresses and we wewnt rthere had great food and met some great people that place had great music and vibe, when we finished there it was around 9:30pm it was a beautiful Full moon night and we met this guy on the street who had a great Telescope set up and she showed us a very close look at the moo n and also jupiter....then we got back to her place around 10:30 pm or 11pm we were still all over each other and we went for round 3:) and then we csalled it the night...
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

My first date idea would be meeting up for a coffee or maybe lunch. I actually have a lot of good looking dresses and tops I have bought in the past and I'm hoping I can find the right person that'll help me break those out of my closet and get me dressed up.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | My home or yours, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

I prefer a casual setting so that there are fewer nerves and conversation flows easier: we can be in comfortable clothes, making dinner together in my apartment kitchen or yours and eat while getting to know more about one another. If the mood is right, we can watch a movie and cuddle if you'd like ^v^
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere., Topanga, California, United States

Take me to your favorite restaurant and tell me about the memories you have there and why you enjoy it so much. I want to know you as a person and why you are the way you are. I also love the adventure of trying new foods and exploring different cultures so any activity you plan for us should be colorful and creative but also heartfelt.
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Brooklyn, New York, United States

An and amazing ideal first date would be a cooking experience where we both get to curate a meal together, then talk about how fun it was over wine. However an over all fine dining ambience would also be loved. I love experiencing new foods and trying new things. A motto I live by is how will you know what you don't like if you don't try it!
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | Bellaire, Texas, United States

I will love to learn how cook different type of food, why it was created,wine Tasting the culture behind it? i will enjoy doing things on my own, but i will love to have someone who knows more than i, to show me something different.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Anaheim, California, United States

A random day of trying different and urban foods. Going out around town or the city and trying different dishes or new things never tasted by either one of us.Or a quite afternoon at a Cafe with a cup of coffee
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere, Santa Paula, California, United States

Meeting in a relaxed environment, getting to know one another comfortably with a drink in hand and stimulating conversation. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just two strangers growing a friendship and living in the moment.

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