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23, Female / Sugar Baby | London, England, United Kingdom

I have always dreamed of a first date in a museum! I think it’s a great place to know each other yet safe and discreet. Art can tell a lot about your date and I love a smart men. Maybe ice cream or street food afterwards too and who knows, might go for a drink if I like you!
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

I love visiting museums and art galleries. Due to the pandemic i haven't had the chance to go lately, also my student status isn't allowing a lot of expensive galleries. I love dressing up accordingly to what collection I'm heading, i love talking about the art and the artists i love having a coffe in the museum café and getting to know each other in a deep way like that 💕
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Gilbert, Arizona, United States

I am an art geek. Don't pop quiz me but I'm a sucker for a Museum / coffee date. I love to admire work from the past as well as modern and avant-garde-style work. Ideally, you can at minimum appreciate the beauty and work that goes into art no matter the medium. Heck- let's go to a pottery class if that peaks your interest.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

At a art museum. I always had a passion for art and the artists who makes them. I always wanted to go on a date at a art museum and walk away quietly or get all nerdy about the information I can give you on the art.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Blue Springs, Missouri, United States

A nice picnic in front of a beautiful sight where we can talk and get to know e/o , I love how beautiful the earth is so why not embrace it! I love getting fresh air and sitting by the lake. I love doing daredevil things like sky diving or Bungie jumping, zip lining anything that includes animals I just love!
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Bloomington, Indiana, United States

I'd love to get Thai or Japanese food and then visit a museum! I'm especially into art, nature, and historical sociology. There's a great art museum on the IU campus, or maybe we could even take a visit to a nearby zoo!
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Kansas City, Kansas, United States

I would love to grab a cup of coffee, walk around a museum, and talk about art. I love seeing what someone thinks about my favorite pieces. It shows a lot to me if you can talk art and video games. Be in to both and you have a great head start.
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | exploring different meusems walking,talking and holding hand...

a nice walk just talking and getting to know each other both smiling watching the sunset close to each other holding hands....sometimes the simplest dates are the ones everyone remembers. #goodvibes💕
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35, Female / Sugar Baby | Carrollton, Georgia, United States

My ideal date would be a dinner and a movie 🎥. I'm a simple southern woman.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | New York, New York, United States

Definitely start of at an amazing museum (actually came across one I'd like to visit), dinner at a steakhouse (one of my fav foods)..Yum and end the night feeling a connection like never before. Wake up thinking about my wonderful date
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

My over all interests: Museums, aquariums, gun ranges, movies, ocean views... I'm a huge foodie and will try anything at least once. I enjoy experiencing new things and am always open for an adventure. I'm not here to waste anyones time, so get to know me and let's have some fun :)
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | No specifics, Orlando, Florida, United States

I would appreciate a nice quiet date at a museum to start out, then we can go to a nice restaurant to talk further and then we can end the date on a nice note with a walk on the beach. I'd like to start out slow at first to feel each other out.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Richmond, Virginia, United States

my dream first date idea would be a picnic in a nice park. we could get food together from your favorite place and set up a cozy little blanket and pillow area in the park we decide to snuggle in. or maybe, we could go to an art museum and gaze at all the pretty paintings then maybe get some tea after at a coffee place.
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, United States

A museum some wine a genuine conversation and I believe the vibe will go from there I'm Not the norm for you rich men who think your money excuses your character . Respect me and I will respect you .if you are naturally funny we will work I can't stand a stuck up man .
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | San Diego, California, United States

My ideal date would be meeting up at a museum or art gallery. We wander through, converse about the piece we see and eachother. Grab a glass of wine(or an espresso) and a dessert at a nearby restaurant.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Rue De Rivoli, Paris France, Orlando, Paris, France

I love to be amazed with luxurious sightings so take me somewhere that I will never forget. My dream is to travel the world , to see all of the amazing things mother nature has left for us,I feel like it's my purpose to see beyond what I grew around. So help me continue this journey of traveling world.
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Going to the museum, could be a nice breezy day or even a rainy day so I could be a little more closer to you. Art is beautiful and hopefully we could appreciate it together. We could go for coffee or even lunch after and enjoy the views
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37, Female / Sugar Baby | Austin, Texas, United States

Going to a upscale art gallary. Or flying me out to a wellness retreat or to Indonesia to a wellness resort. I love to travel and experience others culture! Also love art and upscale galleries! Museums are good too!
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere in seattle :), Seattle, Washington, United States

Play dress up :) and go on a museum date of your choice, walk around down town, maybe get some lunch / dinner?? And possibly plan for our next future date. Would love to get to know you more on the first date tho:)
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Edina, Minnesota, United States

i love the minneapolis institute of art and i would love to go there as a first date!

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