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38, Male / Sugar Daddy | Parc, Quebec, Canada

Vu le contexte, pourquoi ne pas profiter d'une belle journée ensoleillée pour sortir et s'ensoleiller l'esprit et les yeux ! Mais bon s'il fait trop froid ou mauvais, on peut essayer de se faire une bonne bouffe avec une bouteille et refaire le monde.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Somewhere beautiful!, Seattle, Washington, United States

We go walking around town at night, eventually finding a beautiful view of the city from a viewpoint on a hill somewhere. We lay out a lil picnic blanket and crack open a bottle of a wine of your choosing (I'm more of a beer/cider gal myself, but I like a good white wine). Some cheese, crackers, and fancy fruits to go with all of it. We light some candles and talk about something stupid until we've talked too much so we lay down and look at the stars. Too cheesy?
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24, Male / Sugar Daddy | Hermit Falls Or any trail., Laguna Woods, California, United...

Iceskating.. Light fireworks. Underground car meets .. Something exciting. im down for being lazy but i cant stay in one spot too long sometimes. .
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Newburgh, New York, United States

I think a nice pleasant walk, taking a breath of fresh air is lovely, enjoy our surroundings. I've never actually gone hiking, but I'm interested. However, I wouldn't turn down any other type of date, coffee sounds nice too.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | New York, United States

I love nature in its entirety. A perfect first date would be a picnic or maybe going to a park. I love hiking as well,so I am open to that too!
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36, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, United States

Once we get in some chatting time and maybe a video chat or two, let's keep things casual, hit up a nice coffee shop have a treat, if things go well we could look for adventures after that? I don't like putting too much pressure on first meets, I get nervous and hopefully you don't judge me too hard on the first meet.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Durango, CO, Colorado, United States

Going on a long easy hike while having good conversation and perhaps on the way back stop at a dingy pizza spot and grab some slices and have a beer or glass of wine while enjoying the sunset and great conversation
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Clarksdale, Mississippi, United States

I love nature, especially considering the area that I live so having a really nice walk in the outdoors during the evening or night is one that will steal my heart. It is a good way to clear our minds and allows us to get to know each other without feeling "restricted", at least that is what I think.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere, Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

How about we go on a walk, sight see the city, and really get to know our likes and dislikes.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | North Carolina, North Carolina, United States

I like talking long walks and I believe while walking you get to know each other more , Ideal date would be going to museum or an amusement park maybe after covid lol also who doesn't like to eat anywhere would be nice
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Toronto, ON, Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Let's grab coffee and see if we have chemistry! You're really handsome.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Richmond, Virginia, United States

A walk at night under the stars and we have a little while we stargaze
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | New York, United States

I like taking walks with no direction or destination, just laughing, maybe stop and grab a bite to eat. I've never been the fancy dinner type. I'm more interested in the simple pleasures.
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39, Female / Sugar Baby | Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada

Me walking you on the beach --- like a dog on a leash.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | beach, San Diego, California, United States

walking down the beach chatting at sunset, may be cheesy but its the best kind of first date :)
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | A picturesque Mountain View, Madison, Wisconsin, United Stat...

I long slow walk down a quiet trail. Long conversations on the workings of the world. A long passionate embrace to solidify our newborn connection. then again, you can surely take the wheel and show me your idea of a good time.
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65, Male / Sugar Daddy | Walk along moonlit beach, Olathe, Kansas, United States

Take a walk along beach with moon beams shining over us. Then share some wine while sitting by campfire.
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37, Male / Sugar Daddy | Seatac, Seattle, Washington, United States

U want to see how things go. And maybe we may like one and other
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61, Male / Sugar Daddy | Drentse AA, Netherlands

Lekker wandelen en elkaar al pratende leren kennen en onze energie verkennen
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Hamilton, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

How about a nice long walk on the beach completed with a cute little picnic while we talk about books and movies and music. Maybe ending in a movie and cuddles

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