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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Buena Park, California, United States

My first ideal date is going out for dinner and finishing the night with something spontaneous
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Going somewhere fun and spontaneous i love surprises and love to be spoilt 🥰
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35, Female / Sugar Baby | Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Original , spontaneous, exciting Something, somewhere , somewhat you normal don't do ! Bored of the plane Jane dates !!
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | Tampa, Florida, United States

Coffee first in a public place so no one will feel trapped. In Florida Im a sucker for the beautiful beaches , natural springs and seeing historic sights . I don't drink but that doesn't mean you can't . Not that I don't enjoy going to dinner but how many dinners have you had already ? I don't want more of the same . Very simple things can go a very long way with me .
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | San Francisco, California, United States

My ideal date would be a beautiful evening in the city with a view of the ocean. A 3 course meal combined with drinks and warm conversations. Then a little walk to enjoy the moment and view. Followed my a romantic evening in a comfortable bed and warm snuggles ♥️
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35, Female / Sugar Baby | Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Beach walk and picnic
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45, Female / Sugar Baby | Sugarwood Court Condominiums. is definitely the place to sta...

to meet and get to know each other and see if we can connect and get to know each other. As I would suggest doing something adventurous and competitive on the first date. But, I don't necessarily have to have to do anything competitive. Just as long as we (me and the other person) have an exciting first date.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, United States

A nice simple dinner date is fine, but if you truly want to impress me show me something creative! I admire those who put thought and actual effort into dates. I do not like crowded, noisy places or clubs either.
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | starbucks downtown, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Be clean ,fresh & smell good ,we set up a "meet up " cafe,my place or hotel close to me u drive order some coffee /tea. to chat get to know,each other talk about what we up to , Boundaries,and so on then. We can go to my place ,relax ,talk n Will see how it will go . .. bonus if u lived close by 😜(Hamilton,Ontario)
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37, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, United States

Nice teasing date that leads up to a Fun Night!!
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32, Male / Sugar Daddy | anywhere out of city limits, San Marcos, Texas, United State...

remote location, no light pollution to block the brilliance of the milky way. a meal cooked over fire. coffee.. long talks about everything, jokes, existential beliefs and having a real human reaction with the absence of electrical distraction. I want to connect with the person I'm sharing an intimate moment with. no crowded bars or movies. I want to know you further than the typical date. in addition I would like you to connect with me too.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | I am open to anywhere. Bring me to you 💋, Columbus, Ohio,...

You see me walk into the restaurant and it seems like time has froze 😌 Glistening brown skin, beautiful hair, plump red lips, and a stare that'd melt the coldest of hearts ✨ You pull my chair out so I can take a seat, eventually I order my food, water and Pinot Nior, and we dive deep into the waters of what we want to know 🥂
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41, Female / Sugar Baby | Craigsville, West Virginia, United States

Knock me off my feet with something so spectacularly original we forget its awkward first date.
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40, Female / Sugar Baby | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

It is important to me to get to know someone and who they are, I prefer to be able to have organic conversation and pay attention to more than superficial surface fluff because it matters to me who you are. I absolutely adore someone sharing their passions with me so I can learn what makes you tick and what you need to be happy and taken care of by your sugar baby. I love a wide variety of foods, hobbies, interests, and am well versed on many intellectual topics. I want to know more about you and the things you appreciate in life while we connect in a more authentic way in whatever context that may be.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | New York, New York, United States

I would love to meet for drinks at a chic place downtown. I promise I'll make you laugh, and hopefully we talk for hours. If it all goes well, maybe we can finish our night off with an indoor night cap. If fine dining isn't your thing, let's go to a show or on a bike ride around the park. Whatever we do, I'm sure we'll have a great time!
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39, Female / Sugar Baby | This parts not up to me, Linden, Texas, United States

I believe in courting being a gentleman, it just all depends on the match really, somewhere and something comfortable to both. I do love flowers, every woman wants to feel like they are the one that bad chicka, goes along to the queen in the streets and freak with her man, a side nody else sees and if men would cherish them no matter the arrangment he will always feel like the king
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38, Female / Sugar Baby | Socorro,NM, Socorro, New Mexico, United States

Dinner and Drinks 🍻
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | im pretty laid back and as long as were having fun tandgetti...

Walk around a lake , patio have a few drinks even....sparks will fly off they are meant to no matter where we are
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Netflix and chill
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | All over the world., Lakewood, California, United States

I want adventure and surprises. Like sweep me off my feet kind (literally). Fly me off to Mexico and let’s eat tacos together or somewhere neither of us has ever been to. Fun adventures are always the best. Like a trampoline park, the zoo, or the aquarium. I’d honestly like a date where it shows our true selves, where we can get to know each other and have a great time while not being awkward towards each other because of how we met.

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