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23, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere, Florida, United States

My first date idea would be going out somewhere I've never been before ans sightseeing and exploring! Trying new foods and doing new things has always excited me. It would be nice to be taken on a real date;)
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40, Male / Sugar Daddy | Centre London, England, United Kingdom

Dinner and exploring London
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere New, Brunswick, Georgia, United States

How about we sightsee somewhere neither of us have been? Do you have a city in mind you have always been interested in visiting? Take me with you :)
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | beach, Theodore, Alabama, United States

How about a nice kayaking trip down the river? We can stop and have lunch at the sandbar, and after that, we can sit and enjoy each other's company. While getting to know one another.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia

Surprise me x
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Tokyo, Denton, Texas, United States

Hi! I was actually born and raised in Japan so I've always thought of going back to Tokyo and possibly going to Disneyland or going to the aquariums in Okinawa with the large whale sharks and enjoying the food there :)
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere with a nice view, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, United ...

Nothing crazy, not that type of girl anything fun doesn't have to involve m&ney just something chill to catch some vibes.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere in Arizona!, Arizona, United States

I recently moved to the state. Show me some gem hiking spots, or a monumental area of the state!
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58, Male / Sugar Daddy | Los Angeles, California, United States

How about a walk beside the ocean (after a socially distanced nice seaside lunch) where you can tell me all about yourself and we can see if we'd both like to keep things rolling - just a nice, low-pressure start to what could be something really nice for both of us. Let me know. You are stunning.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Jamacia, Miami, Florida, United States

I would like to go to Jamaica as a first date
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | West Berkshire, United Kingdom

Something about laying under the stars with someone special makes me feel
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46, Male / Sugar Daddy | sydney, Holroyd, New South Wales, Australia

hello young lady . im looking for friendship and long term relationship
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere, New York, New York, United States

I would love to go for a stroll anywhere and take pictures of the scenery because I would love to major in photography in college.
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52, Male / Sugar Daddy | Dampier Archipelago, Port Hedland, Western Australia, Austra...

Out in my boat
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Take me to your favorite part of the city! It can be a tourist trap or a whole in the wall, I wanna see something you find special.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere, Owings Mills, Maryland, United States

How about going to a city with a lot of interesting and/or beautiful sights to see and learn about the city together and maybe go out for lunch or dinner?
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere excluding oklahoma, kansas and wyoming, Hays, Kansa...

I'm a traveler. I love seeing new things and experiencing adventures. I like to see the effort put into the dates, I like seeing my partner care in that way.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Harlan, Kentucky, United States

we grab some food and drive around and look at everything
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19, Male / Sugar Daddy | Liverpool, UK, Merseyside, United Kingdom

I try not to be demanding but i expect a nice dinner and we can enjoy a spliff while we go looking at famous monuments, get drunnk, go somewhere hidden and ill tell you how appreciative i am
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Victoria, BC, Delta, British Columbia, Canada

I want to see all the beautiful places Earth has to offer.

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