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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Salem, Salem, Oregon, United States

Anything that's a new adventure, if that's hiking dining going to an event- anything that's a new or 1st time experience. I love finding new trails to hike, small business to support and new good eats. There's so much out there to explore.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | no way hozay, Beaumont, Texas, United States

Where I dont have to plane it at all. (I believe that's a mans job to plan the first date) Wanna wow me? Get to know me enough on here to actually plan a first date that I PERSONALLY would appreciate. Don't be generic, stand out and go above and beyond. Nothing means more then when a guy actually takes the time to get to know a girl!
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | in a park, Waco, Texas, United States

A picnic! Ice always wanted to go on a picnic. Or get dressed up and go on a fancy date or to the movies dont always have to be fancy can be laid back. Not very materialistic like finer things of course We can go in a boat ride we can go to the museum something never really done any of those things stepping out if comfortable zone
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | anything as long as the vibe is right!, Urbana, Illinois, Un...

It can literally range from running errands, getting drinks, sightseeing, the movies, random activities, late nights .. early mornings. Lets do something outside of the box, cause I promise neither one of us will regret it! :)
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | North Ridgeville, Ohio, United States

Phone Text Chat Communication I work alot so I usually use my cell phone I feel those are better to begin with, so many people want to meet so fast, Getting to know wants and needs before hand, so your on the same page.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A nice first date could be a candle lit dinner with a movie night after! Or maybe something more active like spending the day at an event (fair, concert, rotary), doing and seeing everything there! Love to get out and have a blast, see everything to be seen
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | live on the border of manassas and woodbridge., Manassas, Vi...

My ideal date is one that is fun and interesting. I do not have a specific answer since I am open to suggestions. My first date can expand my mentality and that would be great for me. I just want to laugh, have a great time, and learn something I didn't know before.
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Orlando, Florida, United States

For a a ideal date would be something that the man who I am going out plans. I have never had a date planned for me. I have always panned dates. I want to be treated it can b from the most simple thoughtful activity to a more complex one. As long as it's genuine I'm in
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | San Antonio, Texas, United States

My ideal of a first date would be getting to know each other so we know where we are compatible. Location does not matter, I can make any situation interesting and fun. Let's try to do something we both have never done before.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | mountains, Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States

Going to the mountains to have picnic, go on a hike while up there and if we get the chance to lay around and look at the starts come night time! Anywhere other than here is where I want to be! Far away from here
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37, Female / Sugar Baby | Denver, Colorado, United States

I would love two different options to choose from - I am more interested on what places you enjoy, it says a lot about you. Hoping we can have some laughs, good snacks and/or beverages and can vibe and see if we have anything in common.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Spokane, Washington, United States

I am a very open person and will not turn down any offer of a date. I think that anything can be made into a "date" with a little thought and effort 😉 I love the outdoors, I love movies, I like to try new culinary ventures, I really am open to anything!
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38, Female / Sugar Baby | Boca Raton, Florida, United States

I like to be surprised. I am not picky about places to go, I'm up for ALMOST anything, lol. From dive bars to fancy trips, I enjoy it all. I enjoy dancing, from the waltz to night clubs. I would be happy anywhere as long as the company was good.
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42, Female / Sugar Baby | 125 N.W. 9th Street Okc, Ok 73103 The Towers Apartments, Ok...

Meeting at my place and having some clean and discrete fun with no strings attached!
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Leesburg, Florida, United States

A beach picnic enjoying the sunset, laughs and connections then a stroll oh please buy me a rose even a single one it's so romantic 🌹❤️ Just great conversations and enjoying each other's company having a genuine connection
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Buckhead, Georgia, United States

I like someone to show me something i never experienced. Something that i will never forget, which it could be hard at times love to be treated like a princess. Lets ejoy what the world have to offer.
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48, Female / Sugar Baby | Alcova, Wyoming, United States

The ideal first date .... hhhmmm! If it was something that he has planned and says "be ready in 30 min because we have someplace to be!" I'd be impressed! A date should be something that required effort! I don't Netflix and Chill. So don't come at me with that crap!
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Phoenix, Arizona, United States

I'd love to just do something unique and adventurous, i hate boring dates lol like i'd love to go to an aquarium or a hike to a waterfall or sightseeing something unique that would be a lot of fun ☺️ that would be perfect.
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | San Antonio, Texas, United States

My ideal of a first date would be getting to know each other so we know where we are compatible. Location does not matter, I can make any situation interesting and fun. Let's do something we both have never done before.
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38, Male / Sugar Daddy | Romulus, Michigan, United States

This question is silly. I think the first date should fluid or flexible to the connection with the person. It shouldn't be something set in stone like a task getting through it. I'm writing this line to reach required 200 characters 🤷.

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