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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Pittsburg, Kansas, United States

Cuddling or watching movies. I have anxiety, slowly learning to deal with it in new ways. I love Halloween shopping right now, so if we go and look at Halloween stuff I would be happy with that too haha.:)
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Hollywood, Florida, United States

I would love it if our first date shopping and dinner date, something fun and simple. Get to know each other and enjoy our time together. I have always thought that simplicity is always the best way to go.
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | as marillo Texas, Amarillo, Texas, United States

Not boring gotta have a sense of humor. Don't take everything so seriously and MOST OF ALL SPOIL ME AND TREAT ME LIKE ITS GHE LAST TIME HE WILL SEE ME EVERYTIME HE SEE ME I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED BACK. I want to have fun don't let me get bored cause my attention span is short it's like squirrel lol
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | California City, California, United States

My ideal date is something other than movie and a dinner, I mean I’m all for that, but let’s go out and party or explore somewhere!! A trip to a beautiful beach, somewhere neither of us has ever been to, it doesn’t have to be a romantic setting, as long as we’re having fun abd its safe I won’t complain really. Public events are fun, but for firsts dates as long as we can still hear each other speaking that’s fine with me.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States

im really down for anything. i would prefer to be able to talk and get to know each other in a public space to prevent run-ins with weirdos. it's very important to me that we share some similar interests and can have good conversations.
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38, Female / Sugar Baby | Reading, England, United Kingdom

Taking me to the zoo to see elephants 🐘 I love them and all animals I find walking round a zoo gives us not only beautiful animals to look at but a nice place to hold hands and get to know each other ready for date number 2 !
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43, Male / Sugar Daddy | Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Travel to an exotic country and enjoy sunsets, cocktails and the fresh seafood. Staying in 5 star hotels and seeing al the sites and activities that make that country special. Finding time to relax and get some sun and work on our tans.
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35, Female / Sugar Baby | San Antonio, Texas, United States

Would be talking drinking a little taking a walk as long as we don't melt outside lol learning something new. Laughing and smiling all night. Making a night to remember no matter what or where the road takes us. And doing at least one thing crazy dating spontaneous and out of your comfort zone
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Hamilton, Ohio, United States

Honestly, anywhere we can have a conversation, conversation to me as an art and the subtleties of it, the flow back and forth and controlling that flow is fascinating to me. I've never had a bad first date, even if they don't like talking much I'll just do my set. Stand up is one-sided anyway I'm an expert in one-sided conversations.
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Sherman, Texas, United States

There is no perfect date. The idea can be perfect, but the actual date could be different, LOL! A bottle of booze, singing songs together, endless talking, watching him eat his favourite food!!!!!!!!!
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Los Angeles, California, United States

I'm adventurous! Let's do something fun like go sky diving or ride jet skis! Ever swam with dolphins? Swimming with the sharkss? I love adventures but if you cook dinner for me or take me out to eat I'll admire you just as much, I love food !
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Dallas, Texas, United States

My first ideal date will be going to a Shooting gun range it turns me on or shopping at the mall. If you like to party maybe at a club or bar.We can do anything really as long as we both enjoy each other's company.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States

My idea for a first date would be dinner and a movie or maybe dinner and a walk under the moonlight. Another good first date would be go somewhere quiet so both people can get to know each other better
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Seattle, Washington, United States

If it’s the morning, coffee, a walk and sitting in front of a nice view chatting and getting to know each other, shopping. If it’s the evening, bowling or a movie, dinner and a sit on the beach listening to the waves and exchanging life experiences.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Santa Monica, California, United States

Snuggling up to a bonfire on the beach watching the sunset. Talking all night and falling asleep together. Another ideal date would be dancing! Maybe I could show you a few things about Salsa and moving your hips lol
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere is better than no where., Las Vegas, Nevada, United...

Coffee, Lunch, Casual hang out I don't care as long as it doesn't require silence. I go on a date to get to know you and get a feel for your intentions. I don't want to stare at a screen for 2 plus hours when there's so much more that we can do. You're still young if you think you are.
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States

Whatever you do I'm sure I will love it. I love bowling dancing and hiking and kayaking. So I'm down for whatever you wanted do. I love music and put on I will have you dancing. I'll make you smile and laughing.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | an amusement park, Omaha, Nebraska, United States

My ideal first date is a trip to the amusement park. I was to be thrilled and also eat some cotton candy. I think first dates should be fun and hopefully unforgettable. Make me feel comfortable and I blossom like a flower.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States

A great date for me would be something creative, personal, something that will help me get to know you. I like dinner and movies, concerts, anything though. Sometimes a picnic would be perfect. I'm not the most difficult to please so no pressure on exact details.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere in georgia, Jackson, Georgia, United States

Honestly my first date would be just to chat and get to know you. Tell me something about yourself. Like your goals. What's your future plan ahead for yourself? Do you like anything particular about litterally anything? What's your favorite animal? Favorite color or I should say hobby lol

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