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35, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere, Forked River, New Jersey, United States

Lets meet and sit and talk in a public setting that allows us both to see if we wouod be a good fit for each other. Im very laid back and we must see if we cqn vibe and smile together, if so then it may be a match for us both.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | In the city, Manhattan, New York, United States

A nice brunch or dinner with good conversation throughout. Maybe we could catch a movie, go out to a nice lounge, or we could see some art. I'm down for spontaneous adventures as long as I am in good company.
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Somewhere in Headingley maybe, Leeds, United Kingdom

Brunch something casual and a slight stroll a chat and maybe coffee? I enjoy being wined and dined but sometimes casual is also key to loosen up around one another. I think a casual brunch and a slight walk around with a coffee and a chit chat is the best way.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | ask me, McAllen, Texas, United States

I like to be surprise in every aspect of the date I like to be babied during the date I'am a really sweet girl. Who is curious and loved dinner dates by the beach or go to the movies. Or even go for beach walks
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | El Paso, Texas, United States

Mimosa brunch sounds perfect! We could talk and have some mimosas enjoy some good food and really get to know each other. Being able to hold a conversation is important to me. If you can't hold a conversation why bother?
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Columbus, Ohio, United States

An ideal date would be brunch with mimosas and playful banter, maybe a walk afterwards downtown. Good conversation is always key, I would love to build a great connection. Tell me your favorite childhood memory.
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere, Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Somewhere nice where we can sit indoor or outdoor with nice drink choices and nice music to where we can enjoy each other's company and time together or dinner by the water or on a boat would be very nice
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

I love trying new foods! My momma always told me that the way to a man's heart is his stomach. So if you like to eat out we'll definitely have a great connection. But if you don't want to eat out we can catch a movie. I love a good action movie.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Botanical garden, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Let's go for a picnic in the park or hike to a waterfall.. let's get out in nature and explore and talk about life and business or whatever it is you would like to get off your chest. I'm open to any type of conversation!
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Tampa, Florida, United States

Good old first watch and mimosas on the weekend :) with some good burgers, maybe some football games and some holiday festive things!! Tipsy shopping, or cuddles and Netflix :) or outdoor activities never picky
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40, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere in London is good., Covent Garden, England, United ...

Brunch or Dinner. Let's keep it simple and discreet. Somewhere we can talk and get to know each other. Discuss our expectations and boundaries. Let's also laugh and flirt if the attraction, be it physical or intellectual is there.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I love food, animals and music so anything alone those lines will get my heart racing. I'd love to have a picnic or sit and walk along the beach or go to a quiet cafe and talk about life and experiences.
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Conyers, Georgia, United States

Lets go to brunch and then have a nice walk in the park. We can also have dinner and go out dancing afterwards. I'm pretty much open to anything as long as we meet at a public place. After getting to know each other, then we can move forward.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Camerton, England, United Kingdom

Brunch but picnic style down by a lake looking at the sunset together. As the sunset we eat our brunch and listen to music and dance. (You can teach me to dance lol) but I would love that we can throw grapes into each other mouths to see who can catch the most lol (I'll win)
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | In the middle of the park by the water or under a tree. More...

A picnic in the park or something just relaxing in nature. I would really just prefer to drink some wine eat a little bit of food or snacks and lay down getting to know you. Just something nice and rememberable.
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Kansas City, Missouri, United States

My first date idea would be a brunch, dinner, or happy hour. That way we are able to talk and hear each other. A place that definitely has vegan food options for me. Any date idea would be something interactive (cooking class or zip line).
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

I like to start my Sundays with a nice brunch and bloody mary 🤩 Perhaps a nice walk afterwards to have a great convo about our wants, needs and what we're both exactly seeking. I don't do pay per meet. Seeking more something long term and no drama.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Riverdale, Georgia, United States

Somewhere discreet, but also somewhere we can both be dressed up and enjoying each other's company. I drink occasionally, so not to a bar or anything like that. Sometime during the midday for brunch.
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Palm Beach, Florida, United States

A nice brunch. Where we can sit and get the basics out of the way. Really get a feel for the energy. So date number can be something interactive and fun. Followed by a a fancy meal at the end of the day so we can discuss our likes and dislikes of the day.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, United States

My ideal date would be Dinner, wine tasting, or you know what let's go bowling or play some pool let's have fun! Something simple so we can get to know each other but still let loose. I don't want it to be boring.

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