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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Newark, New Jersey, United States

Front row seats to bad bunny concert ... or I'd settle for any seats at a bad bunny concert ...I also like to go to wineries, or try new restaurants.. I love to explore new places in general .........
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35, Female / Sugar Baby | Support local Bands.. whenever and wherever they might be., ...

My ideal first date would be to go to a music festival that a road trip would be necessary to get to. Stocked up on thc and/or LSD, the scenic route there and back would allow for plenty of time for conversation and bonding. Or just a road trip in general. I love tourist traps
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | San Bernardino, California, United States

I like to listen to music, so anything with music, 💃🏾 dancing and drinks 🍹. Can you imagine? Going to a nice cafe that turns live at night? It's just me and you, we having the most wonderful conversation. You ask me to dance. You lead, I follow 😏
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Bellingham, Washington, United States

An easy get-to-know each other meet up to see if we have any chemistry or physical connection. I am not opposed to an official dinner or date night type meet up if I feel like your company is worth my time. We both are in this equally and for the same and right reasons
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Half Moon Bay, California, United States

A concert or music festival that we'd go on a vacation together for. That way we could also enjoy going out to eat together, walking on the beach, shopping, sharing interests and favorites with eachother & making memories & laughing together
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | surprise me! wine tasting, nice dinner, a concert VIP ❤️...

Let's do something out of the ordinary... A winery, a concert, dinner on a yacht, hop a plane to somewhere we've never been for the weekend....let the good times roll! The options are limitless with this one!!!
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Fairfield, California, United States

Sharing music is my life line to people after covid so a show introduces me to your happy place or we share a moment with music we both like. I personally love all kinds of music and recently started getting into blue grass/country, which is surprising lol
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Tyler, Texas, United States

My ideal first date would be somewhere nice, with great music and possibly a stage and karaoke machine too! Great food and great music would definitely make for an awesome first date... Coming from a woman whose never been on one before lol
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | portsmouth or local areas, Hampshire, United Kingdom

I'd love to go watch a show or listen to music on our first date! I love to dance so it would be a great way to get to know eachother better. Maybe grab food and drinks after when our feet are hurting!
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Going to the beach we’re going to a festival. I like to go places where you can actually do something and make memories. But after the first day I would love to stay in bed. Relax and just watch movies and eat popcorn.
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41, Male / Sugar Daddy | Parsonsfield, Maine, United States

Meet up somewhere chill and beautiful, like the ocean or a park. Hopefully we can walk and talk and find our rhythm. Then into a date with some shopping, dinner and drinks (or 420) if you like. Do you like to make your daddy happy? Do you like being spoiled for being a good girl ?
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38, Female / Sugar Baby | Abilene, Texas, United States

Meeting and having fun, I am down to try anything once. I love to laugh, dance, go to the beach, the lake, travel. I am easy going but super honest as well. I don't play games and have no time for them either. Don't bother messaging me if you aren't in this for what it is
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Let Me Know Where To Come., Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Wow Me!!!!!! I Want To Create Memories That Will Last! Things That Will Make Us Laugh Or Smile From Our Soul In The Long Run. Nothing We Will Ever Forget Or Want To Stray From. I Want You As Happy As You Want Me To Be!
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Westlake, Louisiana, United States

An ideal date would be a concert or dinner/wine and a walk on the boardwalk. I love looking through old antique shops and flea markets for special/funny finds. Or a beach day; tanning and listening to the ocean and picking up shells are other date ideas I personally enjoy.
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | Dearborn, Michigan, United States

my ideal of a first date lol it's simple amusement park it concert. something to have fun and do lol. After the date we need to go to dinner if you choose a bar make sure you stop me at 9 drinks lol. If you choose your place to chill make sure I am awake for what will happen ☺️.
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45, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere, Los Angeles, California, United States

How about Japanese BBQ and a Drive in Movie since we have Halloween coming up and I do Love a scary Movie! There is a local Drive In and they are showing all kinds of Halloween Movies this Month so I'm looking forward to going. If you haven't been to Gyu-Kaku for Japanese BBQ you haven't lived! They have tables and booths where you can sit and cook your own meat and enjoy each other's conversations. Another first date idea would be to go to a Sports game since I grew up in a household where sports are always on and I Love it. It's even better when you are at a game cheering your team on so why not do that on a date? As much as I love Movies I love Music as well. I'm like a human jukebox and I like all kinds of music including the older stuff because I'm an old soul. Concerts are my jam! Because of the pandemic I haven't gone to a concert in awhile so I think it would be a great date idea to maybe go see a Concert at the Hollywood Bowl and we could bring a little Picnic and some wine and chill while we listen to the music. It sounds amazing to me! Another date idea is a Paint Nite since I have gone to a few of those in the past. I'm into art so for me a good way to express yourself while getting to know someone sounds amazing. You also get to drink wine while you paint and chit chat so it is so much fun. First dates are always a little nerve wracking so for me it helps to break the ice if the date is a little fun and not the usual sit down Dinner where both people look at their phones the whole time (I did witness that happen between two people on a date not too long ago!) Bowling or Karaoke is another good idea. I love to sing Karaoke and years ago I would go sing during the Weekend and had such a blast. I am open to your ideas too so feel free to tell me what you're thinking too! Something else I have been wanting to do is to go to Temecula for wine tasting in a hot air balloon! I have been out there with Friends but I want to try it with a Guy.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Huntington Beach, California, United States

I love music. If you took me out to a concert of ur favorite band then I can learn more about you:) If you aren't a fan of loud places I would be down for a dinner date instead - maybe with live music!!
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25, Male / Sugar Daddy | 8201 Henry Ave, Cape May, New Jersey, United States

I'll play you a private concert/listening party and you can tell me how good it is and post it on social media and then I'll buy you lol. But then we can take it from there that's just an initial thought. Rent bikes or golf carts, actually go golfing, take a road trip, go to a real concert, go to a recording studio and make something.
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Lawrence, Kansas, United States

Ideally, going for some coffee and a walk. Go see some sites either in town or out in the country. getting to be around each other and seeing if we click, trying to find that spark. Finishing the night with a movie. With fall coming around going haunted housing or pumpkin patches ❤️
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | austin, Austin, Texas, United States

I love when it's the man's idea But a few ideas Movies Music Museums Dancing I love food Book store And opened to new ideas Conversations Going for a long drive And well we can always talk about new ideas!

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