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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Los Angeles, California, USA

I love going out to dance- so clubs, concerts, and kareoke bars are my favs! Bringing someone special there to watch while I put on a show would be even better. Im a lightweight so we would have to go easy on drinks though!
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Louisville, Kentucky, USA

An ideal date would be to some type of music concert. Classical or any type of music really. I love to experience new things! I haven't been to many music concerts or events so I would love to attend as many more as I can in my lifetime.
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

A theme park? Lots of rides and games. I would also enjoy a simple dinner date. Love to dance. Not a great dancer but always around for the fun. Anything with a live band playing! Outdoor food and live music.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, USA

My ideal first date is pretty much anything. Im very adventurous and down to do anything, but the date has to include some time for us to sit down and talk to get to know each other on a deeper level.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Denver, Colorado, USA

Go to a concert or a festival!! I want to be able to create new memories and experience it with someone new. Maybe drink, and just let loose and have fun!! I'm honestly open to anything!! Just having someone plan something
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Hempstead, New York, USA

I love live music, my ideal first date is hanging loose and getting to know each other. We'd grab some food and then listen to music and dance. Afterwards we can chill out and reminisce on the amazing night we had!
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Nashville, Tennessee, USA

I would enjoy simply, taking a long walk in the city and conversing. I love live music as well, so live jazz would be a great first date. Afterwards, we could go to an elegant restaurant. Or we could have a nice dinner over the water. Anything relaxing..... im not too much into the club scene for dates.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Going to a concert or a music festival and after getting something to eat at a little coffe shop. Then we would just wonder around the city and talk to each other. So that we can really enjoy each other's company.
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35, Female / Sugar Baby | Support local Bands.. whenever and wherever they might be., ...

My ideal first date would be to go to a music festival that a road trip would be necessary to get to. Stocked up on thc and/or LSD, the scenic route there and back would allow for plenty of time for conversation and bonding. Or just a road trip in general. I love tourist traps
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | San Bernardino, California, USA

I like to listen to music, so anything with music, 💃🏾 dancing and drinks 🍹. Can you imagine? Going to a nice cafe that turns live at night? It's just me and you, we having the most wonderful conversation. You ask me to dance. You lead, I follow 😏
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Half Moon Bay, California, USA

A concert or music festival that we'd go on a vacation together for. That way we could also enjoy going out to eat together, walking on the beach, shopping, sharing interests and favorites with eachother & making memories & laughing together
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | surprise me! wine tasting, nice dinner, a concert VIP ❤️...

Let's do something out of the ordinary... A winery, a concert, dinner on a yacht, hop a plane to somewhere we've never been for the weekend....let the good times roll! The options are limitless with this one!!!
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Fairfield, California, USA

Sharing music is my life line to people after covid so a show introduces me to your happy place or we share a moment with music we both like. I personally love all kinds of music and recently started getting into blue grass/country, which is surprising lol
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Tyler, Texas, USA

My ideal first date would be somewhere nice, with great music and possibly a stage and karaoke machine too! Great food and great music would definitely make for an awesome first date... Coming from a woman whose never been on one before lol
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | portsmouth or local areas, Hampshire, GBR

I'd love to go watch a show or listen to music on our first date! I love to dance so it would be a great way to get to know eachother better. Maybe grab food and drinks after when our feet are hurting!
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41, Male / Sugar Daddy | Parsonsfield, Maine, USA

Meet up somewhere chill and beautiful, like the ocean or a park. Hopefully we can walk and talk and find our rhythm. Then into a date with some shopping, dinner and drinks (or 420) if you like. Do you like to make your daddy happy? Do you like being spoiled for being a good girl ?
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38, Female / Sugar Baby | Abilene, Texas, USA

Meeting and having fun, I am down to try anything once. I love to laugh, dance, go to the beach, the lake, travel. I am easy going but super honest as well. I don't play games and have no time for them either. Don't bother messaging me if you aren't in this for what it is
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Let Me Know Where To Come., Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Wow Me!!!!!! I Want To Create Memories That Will Last! Things That Will Make Us Laugh Or Smile From Our Soul In The Long Run. Nothing We Will Ever Forget Or Want To Stray From. I Want You As Happy As You Want Me To Be!
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Westlake, Louisiana, USA

An ideal date would be a concert or dinner/wine and a walk on the boardwalk. I love looking through old antique shops and flea markets for special/funny finds. Or a beach day; tanning and listening to the ocean and picking up shells are other date ideas I personally enjoy.
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | Dearborn, Michigan, USA

my ideal of a first date lol it's simple amusement park it concert. something to have fun and do lol. After the date we need to go to dinner if you choose a bar make sure you stop me at 9 drinks lol. If you choose your place to chill make sure I am awake for what will happen ☺️.

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