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38, Female / Sugar Baby | Sacramento, California, USA

Explore something new. Fine Dining. Latin Dancing. Museum or Art Gallery. Discuss crypto over lunch. Planetarium. Science museum. Aquarium. Walk and talk. Snorkel. Gardens. Tea tasting. Maybe we can explore Machu Picchu after a few dates 🤷‍♀️
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | n/a, Atmore, Alabama, USA

i love exploring all types of museums aquariums and historical places are a plus. and with a food stop anywhere also involved is the perfect date. to go any of those places and read up or just view fascinating things to gain knowledge is top tier to me. fancy dining is my second route and more so basic. a spectacular breakfast/lunch/dinner (either option) with good talks about life and goals is a plus with me because i love to talk once comfortably and i listening to other peoples life journey to see how you got to the position in life you're at now.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Manchester, Manchester, GBR

For me in particular, I love museums. I would like a date like a museum, or an art gallery where we can talk about what is in front of us. But I also like simple coffee dates. Basically, anything that allows us to talk and get to know each other in a calm environment. Or maybe a romantic picnic! Something creative will most definitely get my attention!
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Syracuse, New York, USA

How about we do some shopping, eating, and museum visiting? Sunset viewing is also highly probable. We could go to the movies do arts and crafts or even play video games. Hint I love anime as well. I might even workout if you convince me ;0
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA

Would probably be going to see an art museum then going a walk. Afterwards going for or dinner at a nice restaurant spending time talking about anything whatever pops into our minds. Or going to a park and having a picnic outside in the fresh air instead being indoors with screens in are faces.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Toronto, Ontario, CAN

My first date idea would be going to AGO and then afterwards have some lunch or dinner, then maybe spend the day together walking or driving around the city and do some small activities or shop around with some coffee
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Manhattan, New York, USA

My first date idea would be a trip to The Met and having lunch or dinner at an Italian restaurant afterwards. I always take my time admiring the artwork and find myself spending hours at this museum. It is definitely a beautiful place to visit.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Cedar Falls, Paris, FRA

The Louvre is one of my favorite places on earth and I could spend hours looking at and talking about art. Museums make me very happy, and France holds a very special place in my heart. I hope to return there soon, hopefully with some someone new. (:
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere and anyplace, Hoover, Alabama, USA

Anywhere and possibly anything. I have an open mind , I love traveling and museums and outdoors. I love fishing and animals so I'm open to so much more. I'm done but it's making me type 200 words minimum 😂
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24, Male / Sugar Daddy | Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas, USA

Big on seeing the culture of a city through art/history. I'm a bit of a museum nut, lol. A night checking out as many galleries as possible would be super fun. :))
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Plainfield, Indiana, USA

Great art gallery ! I've always wanted to visit one! Great first date would be lovely and I hope I find someone who is also interested in one and we discuss what we both think about the difference art we see in the pictures/canvas
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Jackson, Tennessee, USA

Coffee Any type of museum Barnes and Noble Movies Local bar A simple restaurant (I'm not a picky baby) Park ( dog park if you have one) Comedy show Poetry cafe Bike riding Chill night club (no rowdinesses)
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | i'm not sure of any natural history museums in this state, b...

I loveee the Newport Aquarium, and I love planetariums even more. I haven't been to either in quite some time, and I'd love to go again soon. Space and the stars mezmerize me. So do animals. I'm picky about what I eat, but I'm definitely a "wine, fruit and cheese" kind of girl.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Chorley, Lancashire, GBR

My first date Idea - I'd love a coffee date to chill and chat or to meet somewhere like a gallery or museum- i love them and need to go more often. Food sounds fun too! You can't beat a nice night in with a takeaway and tv.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Lynn Haven, Florida, USA

A Museum ,Gallery, or outstanding view .A place where we can admire the beauty around us . Speak about the things we see and how we interpret them. I'm interested in being placed into your experience , seeing things the way that you individuals do .
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Sacramento, California, USA

i'd love to meet over facetime or zoom first just to see if we vibe! if we do i love museums, drinks, movies, and food! i also love traveling and am usually down for anything new and exciting 💕 i also love anything outside during spring and summer!
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA

We would go take a shot or two then go to a museum then out to dinner after I love going to new places and experiencing new things i be so curious or we could just go get drinks nd talk I love a good conversation.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Ga Aquarium, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

My first date would either be a picnic or the Ga aquarium. We could start with the aquarium and then work our way to a nice dinner. Some shopping could take place later, but is not required. Ending with a massage would take the cake!
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Dallas, Texas, USA

My idea of my first day is costing different areas and discovering and looking at new things finding out things about each other while taking photos and talking about eaothers interests. Making memorable moments overall.
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Orlando, Florida, USA

Honestly just going somewhere where the noise & crowd level isn't to high so that we can just enjoy each other's company with out being drowned out by the noise or the amount of people circling us. Ex: Going to an art or history museum and finishing with dinner and walk around the town.

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