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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Moyock, North Carolina, USA

I would love to go to an art museum and pose infront of a painting and have someone take a photo of me. Maybe go to a small cafe after and get to know each other better, order some good food and just have a good time.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

I love museums, musicals, and animals. So anything that might involve any of the 3. I also love nature like aquariums, zoos, and botanical gardens. I love adventures as well so I am open to almost anything.
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Kansas City, Missouri, USA

My ideal first date is a museums. This gives us a chance to have casual small talk and understand each other's perspective on life based on art." if things are going well, we can extend the date by grabbing a bite.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Oakville, Ontario, CAN

I love the idea of going to a museum and discussing art even if neither of us know anything about it. It's a way for both of us to get to know each other in a calm environment and interpret art together.
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | New York, New York, USA

I love museums, movies, supporting the arts, arcades, enjoying coffee (really an iced caramel macchiato or matcha latte for me). Going to the mall is fun. Also, browsing the aisles of a bookstore is something a guy has never done with me, but I would love that!
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Evanston, Illinois, USA

The ideal first date for me that would guarantee a second date is a nice afternoon or evening visiting an art gallery or museum, discussing our favorites and then going on a nice dinner or lunch afterwards.
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

My ideal date would be to go to a museum and get some good food, maybe pizza or sushi :) I'm not a club girl, I'd prefer to follow up with a few drinks at a dive bar / hole in the wall. If you want to go to a baseball / hockey / football game that would be a blast!!
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Date night starts with a art show and after that dinner. You compliment me about how beautiful I look in the dress you picked out. Now that the evening is coming to an end I ask whats your fantasy 😌... the rest is up to you.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Newport News, Virginia, USA

I love going to museums and learning new things. Walking and getting to know eachother surrounded but history is my ideal way to enjoy a new person's company. I want to have fun when I meet someone for the first time.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Avondale, Arizona, USA

As I said before, art is very much apart of me and lives in my soul. I enjoy different sight seeings from outdoor scenery like the Grand Canyon to Da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa. Even though I'm not an expert when it comes to those sorts of things, I still very much admire the hard work and dedication artists put into their pieces and the Earth created.
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | any where, McAlester, Oklahoma, USA

Nothing serious rather it just be us sitting somewhere and us getting to know each other or us going out and sight seeing I love to travel but never have the time for it but honestly up for some relaxing down time
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Calabasas, California, USA

As typical as this maybe, an ideal first date would be going to an art gallery, and a candlelight dinner after or a picnic dinner at the beach at night I love star watching! Something simple yet thoughtful
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

My ideal first date ever would be at a museum. I've always wanted to go see art work in person so that would be really cool. I'm not ungrateful so honestly I'd be down to go wherever. We could go out to eat maybe or go sightseeing.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Waimanalo, Hawaii, USA

I enjoy going to the movies, art museums, and nice restaurants. I'd very much enjoy going to an art museum, as I haven't been to one in years. After that, I'd like to go to a nice dinner, and possibly end up at the movies.
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Malibu, California, USA

Ideally I'd love going to a museum with someone, or as cheesy as it sounds hanging out at the beach is such a fun date. Anywhere we can have a relaxing time and get to know each other out just vibe in a nice atmosphere.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | A placd we both havent been before, West Midlands, GBR

Finding a new place we both haven't been to before, like a museum or art gallery, where we can both learn and share interpretations and viewpoints on the peices and get to know and understand each other through how we see things differently. With a couple of drinks of course 😁🍷
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Miami Beach, Florida, USA

My Ideal first Date. Casual and fun museum Art exhibit, a fancy dinner on the beach while watching the sunset, Young night on the beach to watch the stars with a Glass of PINOT NOIR. I also Enjoy ransom Errand runs and Shopping dates.
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35, Female / Sugar Baby | Dupont Washingto, DuPont, Washington, USA

Looking for generous guys for shopping, wine and dine, also holidays Willing to provide companionship, care and concerns............................... Sincere and Genuine Personalities..🤗😘🤗😘
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

Somewhere that's intimate but beautiful. Let's enjoy the moment that we have together. I also understand and respect discretion. All I ask for is good energy, great vibes and honest communication. Chemistry is a must 😍
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Cardiff, Cardiff, GBR

Going to a museum or art gallery, having a coffee or going out to dinner- I can't decide. I'm quite a spontaneous person who enjoys last minute plans too so I wouldn't mind making the day up as we go along lol

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