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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Take me out on a date, somewhere that's busy and loud, or Let's go outside! Soccer fields, nature trails, and you're also looking at a fishing pro ⭐️ Or let's go burn calories at a indoor trampoline park 😌💛
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Seattle, Washington, United States

Honestly anything can take my breath away.... it the thought that counts. Dinner, the movies, and camping/fishing sounds amazing. I'm up for anything. Just down to have fun and enjoy the time.........
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

Going to an arcade!!! I love playing video games so much!! It a great way to get to know each other while have a fun time shooting aliens, racing, balancing, yeetting balls, dancing on ddr and many more activities u can find at an arcade!!
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | The Original Pinballz Arcade8940 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 7...

While dinner and a movie is a classic, a fun twist on the tradition is dinner and gaming. How better to get to know someone than when you see them just having fun? We can meet for a quick drink, load up a card, and play a few games while chat.
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Stockbridge, Georgia, United States

Right now, a video game or online movie date. I dont trust other people enough to go outside. I love FPS and Battle Royales though I'm not amazing at them. Maybe doing art together? Something where we can vibe together and get to know each other.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere, Columbia, South Carolina, United States

Anything that brings joy has nice views n good music. They need to be fun and relaxed so we get comfortable and learn more about each other. I love water music art and so mych more. Random adventures n hiking could be really fun. Keep me on my toes
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Florissant, Missouri, United States

Okay so I'm a really goofy and fun loving person, so my ideal date would be to go to Dave and Busters or Main Event. Then we would go to a nice dinner where we could talk and just enjoy eachothers company.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | 13857 riverfront Dr Maryland heights, St Louis, Missouri, Un...

Be at a Dave n busters a place were we are big kids again. ❤️ Have a drink or two hopefully we could get a bite to eat . I have 3 boys so I would wanna act like a big kid every now and then. I would love a gaming date😊😌
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Chandler, Arizona, United States

Let's do something together! Let's explore different things and be kids again 🤩 I love to eat so having our first date at a restaurant would be nice. I 😍 seafood! We can go dancing or even try something together that neither of us have done before, like take a cooking class 😏 whatever it is I definitely like to be active before getting intimate
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | Rockton, Illinois, United States

Anything where we have fun but also are able to talk and get to know one another. A movie is good but it's hard to talk during one lol. I just want something of fun and substance. I also love playing sports so any sporting event is amazing too!
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Denver, Colorado, United States

My first date idea would be something fun because I love to have fun! Dave & Buster, Boondocks, Elitches or something in the same category. I'm pretty much up for anything type of activity that gets me out of the house
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Cortland, Ohio, United States

Anything to do with playing games something a little active, like axe throwing or a gun range lol with some food, I love having fun an having a connection with somebody an I feel like playing a game or anything can show if you have a bond/connection
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Anything involving an activity where we can actually talk. So not the movies. Board games would be great, grabbing food, walking around a park or mall, watching sunsets, a workshop like paint night or pottery class. I'm super open to all ideas as long as I can get to know you to the best of my ability. I want you to pick an activity that shows me who you are 😁
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Kent, United Kingdom

I would love to go out and play arcade games or even sporty games mainly cos I love sports n I'm a very competitive person like I love winning so if we're on a team together I might become a tad bossy because I wanna win but if we're against each other imma just apologise now cos I'm gonna be a bitch when I win 😂x
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Fort Worth, Texas, United States

I love to play games, so an arcade or maybe a place like Alley Cats/Main Event would be fun! Sports are fun as well, so even just going to play some sand volleyball would be pretty fun. Aside from volleyball I like to watch football in person as well
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Always something fun that will get me and my date out of our shell. An arcade or go-kart racing. Take me somewhere where ill second guess what im doing for second but still take the risk anyway, always up for a fun challenge.
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36, Female / Sugar Baby | 1112 good loving lanenear you 247365, Houston, Texas, United...

A quiet dark setting with mellow sounds in tune. Wine and fine dinning. Some truth and honesty as host of conversation but overall relaxed and upbeat vibes. I also enjoy some spontaneity so Main event or Dave and busters will also fit the bill.
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46, Female / Sugar Baby | Loganville, Georgia, United States

I would love to do something interactive like Top Golf or Dave and Busters. That way, there aren't any awkward silences and we can chat, talk trash (I'm competitive 🤷🏾‍♀️) and laugh. I'm not really into "watching" something as a first date (movie, play) because we aren't really communicating.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Dothan, Alabama, United States

Something fun-- something that we can laugh about & just enjoy each other's company
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Abbott, Texas, United States

My first ideal date would hve to be somewhere where both of us can have fun and laugh, and genuinely enjoy our time! I love going out for drinks and games, and even movies. I'm a very extroverted and excited person so anything that can get my entertain out I will do!

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