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38, Female / Sugar Baby | Florissant, Missouri, United States

Doesn't matter the place it's about the company for me..I just love good meaningful conversations that will have something either 1 of us learning something new...good conversation and vibes can make any date awesome..
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44, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Something fun, and adventurous yet intimate. I'd like to see how you react under pressure and how you react to a challenging situatuon. Maybe an escape room or golfing. Chance to be close to one another and handle a small challenge.
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Be spontaneous and romantic. Take the time to get to know me. Wine, starry night, music and dancing under the stars. Dinner then old black and white movie in the park. Teach me something then take me sailing. Show me you then take me shopping. Don't be afraid to be you but always respectful, thoughtful and courteous. Don't forget to open my door!
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | i am the type of woman that cares about the vibe and connect...

Both of us dressing up cute and going somewhere cute and romantic, talkin bout ourselves, goals then going on a walk and vibing. I would prefer at night. I love to travel and explore new places so im down for new things.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Our first date can be anywhere like the movie theater, a nic...

An ideal date would be, going out on a shopping spree then reserving a nice fancy dinner. After dinner we can go watch a movie or go to a bar to grab some drinks. I've never been on an actual date, therefore my thought about an ideal date is pretty simple. If my future Sugar Daddy has more romantic ideas, that would be lovely.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Tucson, Arizona, United States

Anything!! As long as there's lots of talking and laughing!! I very much love the outdoors, I want to go traveling to little places and try different foods! Also loves food dates and exploring my taste buds!!
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47, Female / Sugar Baby | no special place. show me something, Jacksonville, Florida, ...

Walk on the beach. A picnic. Something different than the normal Long drive or a romantic getaways I'm not picky something different. I'm from up north never had a decent man in my life that did anything different or romantic.
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Cupertino, California, United States

As long as we're having fun it's all good to me. Love the outdoors. Love movies, dinners, late night walks and nice long talks. Cant wait to see what is in store in the future. Well if you wanna know let me know
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | fort pierce inlet, Ft. Pierce, Florida, United States

Shopping and or shopping around for good doctors to give me the ass I've always wanted. I really want a Brazilian booty lift, but I still want it to look natural & not crazy. It's just one of those things I've always been self conscious about for a while & I can't pay for it right now as I'm looking to go back to school. It's my priority to look and feel as confident as I can, considering it's how I make money at my job. I enjoy regular shopping just as much! I love Shoe shopping!!! I LOVE PLEASERS😍🥰 I love lingerie shopping, I love purse shopping, and clothes, & just anything boujie. I don't spend money on myself like that & never have. I just want someone to spoil me rotten basically. I'm an amazing soul to be around & can get along with ANYBODY. I really just want to get to know you & become great friends. I'd love to travel as well, but I don't have my passport yet & im working on it. So I'm open to whatever basically. I know I'm probably asking for a lot or it seems like it, but put yourself in my shoes for a second & think about all the female beauty standards I have to try and fill constantly!🤣😂 It's Fucking exhausting! I Just want to be the dreamy girl I picture in my head all the time. I know I'm good looking now or atleast I've never had any complaints, but I'm really hoping to enhance my beauty. If you'd be down to talk to me about it, please don't hesitate to message me. I'll probably just give you my actual phone number so we can text if you are cool with that. If not I have a kik as well. I hope to hear from someone who knows what he wants & is cool with helping me out! I'd probably start crying honestly if someone told me they'd help me find a dr to get this surgery done. I know there's always a catch to things though. We'd just have to talk about what exactly you are looking for. I'm a very clean girl! But you have to be clean yourselves because I'm OCD about my hygiene like for real! So yeah that's my ideal date or kindove a long idea of it. 😍😝
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

I'm not the type of person that really likes food dates anymore, especially since my sense of smell/taste has been affected by when I had COVID-19 at the beginning of the year. Dates where I can get to genuinely know someone past all the small talk are the types of dates I really love. I don't like loud or rowdy places; just places where I can relax. Bookstores and public parks are the perfect place for me to be (as long as there's shade, I cannot deal with the sun for long or I get antsy). Other than those things, I'm open to anything.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Olathe, Kansas, United States

Something adventurous idk.... let's go to Dubai for dinner or something haha🤭 Or we can take a psychedelic trip.... lmao I'm just playing. I'm all about good vibes don't really care what we do.... but if im the one coming up with ideas don't be surprised if we wake up hangovered in Tanzania.....I'm just saying.. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Also please don't be boring thanks🤣🙆🏾‍♀️
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47, Female / Sugar Baby | Pewaukee, Wisconsin, United States

I like the man to lead in this area. It shows me how he sees me, his creativity, sincerity and impression he's wanting to make. Tho, I'm not opposed to a mutual casual coffee/tea meet up chat. It all depends on chemistry and the situationship we're both seeking
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Niagara Falls, New York, United States

Sitting by the water with a bottle of liquor getting to know each other.After that we go to a nice restaurant for dinner or I cook you something. After that we go back to your place or a hotel and spend the night watching movies,eating unhealthy snacks and exploring each other's bodies
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44, Female / Sugar Baby | Dallas, Texas, United States

Meeting face to face in a public setting first is a absolute must. I start my days very early in the morning so I prefer not to be out late on a weeknight. I would enjoy lake adventure, golf , dinner, art museum, live theater, quieter music environment we can still hold a conversation (lounge , jazz, classical ) I'm great at being a +1 that will only have the good gossip in your favor afterwards. I don't know how I ended up sitting watching Netflix on a weekend in DALLAS and contemplating collecting cats. 🤦🏻😂 Oh wait ... It's because 90% of the time men are to shy or whatever to even ask me out! I guess they assume I'll shoot them down. So man up ! You just might be pleasantly surprised 😆 If your momma raised you right you will open the door, pull out a chair, take my hand stepping up to steady me in heels... Hold my hand while we walk somewhere, be proud to have me by your side.
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Chester, England, United Kingdom

Anthing we both feel comfortable with and also something with a bit of effort! Fun and can be silly But can also chill and share things with one and other and have a good conversation I love food! So anything that involves delicious food and also involves making it yourself
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Syracuse, New York, United States

I would prefer somewhere public for the first date, giving us the chance to see what the other is about, what we both like, want and expect out of the relationship. Honesty and great conversation is key! Possibly ending the night with drinks, laughter and exciting fun!
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

My ideal first date would be taking a walk along a beach with some hot cups of coffee, lots of great conversation and laughs, and finishing our time together off with a yummy meal or snack and maybe a glass of wine or two. 😘
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43, Female / Sugar Baby | Oak Brook, Illinois, United States

You invite me to meet at a public place. During our first conversation, we check for chemistry and see if we are a fit in several levels. Building trust is imperative. I will ask to know a little bit about your schedule to see if it could work with mine.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Spring, Texas, United States

let’s do something simple - coffee date. just to get to know each other + great conversation. want to make sure our personalities align! also would like to discuss intentions and make sure we are on the same page.
Pick a sunny day for a hike or trail walk. Perhaps we could do yoga together at a nice scenic spot. If you don't like Yoga we could do some stationary workouts together. Follow that up with a nice brunch, maybe go to a hot pool place and get a massage together.

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