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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Bowie, Maryland, USA

Take me to a bookstore and tell me to pick out any book that catches my eye. Also, recommend any books or music I should listen/read. Followed by a lunch date and a walk on a scenic view. Nothing like a book, a treat and a beautiful view
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | West Houston, Houston, Texas, USA

Im up for anything! A nice dinner with a view, a picnic date at the park, museum, or bike riding and exploring, paint and sip, shopping trip, live music lounge/bar. I love to just explore, and make my own fun where ever I go.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Birmingham, Alabama, USA

An ideal date would be a brunch date somewhere out in public just for us to get use to each other (stranger danger😂) leading up to a dinner date where we could possibly become more private and get to know each other better
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere, Marlton, New Jersey, USA

Im down for absolutely anything when it comes to going out. I like surprises. Could be anything from a hike to a road trip to a musical. As long as there is a person I can smile with while I'm there:)
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Kansas City, Missouri, USA

My ideal first date would be some kind of fun activity like hiking, mini golf, ice skating or something active! I'm nervous eating around new people so a dinner wouldn't be great, and movies you don't really talk to the person.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Something chill. Definitely having to with the sun! The beach would be amazing! Depending on the weather, a movie and dinner is also a great date option. Just coffee sounds a bit boring. I wanna have fun but not do too much.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Austin, Texas, USA

Lunch at an seafood restaurant or Jamaican. Dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant with a beautiful view rather its in the sky or near a beach. I'm not big on going out for breakfast but if you know a really good tasty spot I'm open to try.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Detroit, Michigan, USA

Im open minded. Show me something I haven't seen before. Make me feel safe and secured. We can go to breakfast, or lunch, or you can cook for me. We can definitely see a movie or go parachuting. It's the thought that counts with me.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Santa Barbara, California, USA

An ideal date would be a casual lunch or coffee, maybe some drinking in a private place. Definitely something in a public area and not too far from where I live. I am open to most things, for the most part!
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47, Male / Sugar Daddy | Earth, Darlington, Darlington, GBR

Coffee or a beer, good conversation, jokes, laughs. If it feels right, arrange a second date.
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

I love a man that can take control and make the decisions of planning a first date. Would love to be told when to get picked up and that's the only information I'm giving besides what to wear for the date
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Miami, Florida, USA

I love being adventurous and spontaneous. Anything outdoors is my go to. But I also love dining in a nice restaurant. Picnics and painting with a nice view would be the best ! It is so sentimental and a good time to bond. Just you and I , no distractions.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Coffee or dinner, then a walk or shopping if it suits you :) I love exploring Vancouver and trying new restaurants and learning more about the area. Looking forward to seeing what you have to show me !
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | 9322 Hazen Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, Beverly Hills, Calif...

My first date idea would be somewhere fun and adventurous. But I have no problem doing something simple like going to a cafe or dinner. But on the long run I would like to travel. I dance a lot so we can go somewhere to dance.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere really!, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Something with an equal balance of adventurous and slow where I could get to know you and have fun. Although I am not that much of an athletic person so a hiking date would not be the best unless you like to see me struggling
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Bakersfield, California, USA

I've never been on a date before, so my standards might be a little low. I don't think I'd care where we went or what we were doing, as long as we both had a good time. I love going out to places, hanging out outdoors, of just staying in, so most options seem great to me!!
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Boca Raton, Florida, USA

My ideal date would be just traveling the town and visiting the beach. I love sushi and swimming. I also paddle board on my free time! I love new adventures. I am extreamely adventous and I am looking for someone to match my energy.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Going out to lunch then maybe a walk in the park if the weathers nice, feed some birds and draw whatever catches the eye. Or if that's not your speed dinner, then going out and dancing would be fun. Something simple yet memorable 😇
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | nearby areas, Newark, Delaware, USA

A first date idea could be something as simple as an outdoor date, a walk at the park or dinner and drinks, movies. Surprise me with your ideas. Open to your options !!
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Thoroughly enjoy a nice lunch date at the Porsche stadium and given a bouquet of sunflowers -- watching the different vehicles take off on the track. Ideally driving a few vehicles ourselves from the different classes. Or a nice helicopter ride with champagne.

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