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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Miami, Florida, United States

A completely random yet genuine day out, walking, eating, exploring new things! Getting to know one another, learning things we have in common, having drinks of course, another idea would be a destination date, randomly picking somewhere we've both never been, booking a flight & see where the adventure takes us..
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere, Chandler, Arizona, United States

Surprise me, be your True You. Let's go horseback riding, maybe indoor skydiving. Have a picnic over a beautiful view. Be adventurous and creative. I'm a free-spirit with a wild heart I love to be mentally amazed.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere around London I can grab a zipcar or use my oyster ...

Something active/ sporty or educational like a museum. I also love travelling or a comfy meal, nothing too expensive but tasty! I'm also quite the nerd and love anything to do with planes or aviation. Cooking and baking is fun too or even a nice place with good tea and yummy cake! Maybe even a mixture of some would be fun!
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Getting to know you how ever you'd like, my goal is for you to be happy, so that we keep seeing each other. So let's talk and see where we go from there, I'm open minded and easy to please and not picky with anything really, as long as your happy I am.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | City of London, United Kingdom

Honestly I love being adventurous and trying new things! I enjoy seeing what's out there to explore and I'm fairly relaxed about activities (just do not book anything to do with spiders 🥺). My go to first date would always be either a simple coffee date or going rock climbing!
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Junction City, Kansas, United States

I would love going somewhere we can talk and get to know each other. Food is preferred (ya girl likes to eat 😂) Doesn't matter where but conversation is a must for me! Maybe a fun activity to round out the date :)
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States

I like going to a gun range. I like car shows. Unfortunately I can't drink, but luckily I am a football fan, so a sports bar? WINNING. I've never been to a casino or a club, you can change that though. I've never been to a football game, I'd love to go.
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | n/a, Tampa, Florida, United States

I'm open to just about anything that won't kill me lol.I love the water I love being on the boat I am a foodie so I love food and cocktails dancing karaoke I'm very open to different things just as long as it's fun
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Something sweet, definitely not the movies. Somewhere we can talk and have a real conversation and just be comfortable around eachother. I will not accept going anywhere nor public until about the 5th date so please don't ask.
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36, Female / Sugar Baby |, Loudon, Tennessee, United States

Something in a public but not a crowed place. Something simple not fancy. Sightseeing is nice. Going on a walk through a nature park or something so we can talk and get to know eachother. Find a food truck or something simple and sit down for a little more getting to know each other. Nothing at a 5 star restaurant where you get a speck of food for $100. Give me burger & fries or a nice salad ect. I enjoy a good cup of coffee also so a Cafe is nice.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Strandweg 150-154, 2586 JW Den Haag, Scheveningen, South Hol...

How about we go down the zipline of Scheveningen? The view would be amazing, I think we would have a great laugh and we can walk on the pier after. There is a lot to do in Schevingingen, so after all of that we can have a drink on the boulevard.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Brunch. Charcuterie & wine. Or a coffee date to see how conversation flows. Opera or Symphony is a good choice too. Any scene that's on the more chill side so we can talk and get to know each other better
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Riverside, California, United States

I cant send msg's haven't bought yet Somewhere in the middle of us to meet, possibly coffee & tea or a visit to a park / scenic view. If all goes well and we have a good vibe, continue to lunch and until we meet again. I like to move around so a walk around a park or even a shopping center is enjoyable! I'm a sucker for window shopping
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | San Diego, California, United States

I've always wanted to take a pottery class with someone! But I'm not picky, id love to do anything fun where we can get to know eachother. Maybe a cafe, movies, or a build a bear workshop were we make stuffed for eachother and switch :)
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Bradenton, Florida, United States

My first date idea would have to be anything spontaneous or out of the ordinary. Maybe try some new foods or see some exciting places. Watch the sunset or sunrise. Talk and get to know each other a little more intimately.
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37, Female / Sugar Baby | New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

A fun date I guess going out to eat catch a movie or go have drinks and talk I'm not very hard to please just don't have time for drama or games a bit to old for that just looking for someone that would enjoy my company really
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

An ideal date idea would be a nice supper and a walk around a nice part of the city. Since we are new we would love someone to show us around. We are pretty much down for anything date wise as long as we have a good time :)
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69, Male / Sugar Daddy | 113 keith williams drive 4849, Cardwell, Queensland, Austral...

Collected in a luxury convertible sports car and a day out on the water in my game boat. An onboard BQ, followed by a swim in my pool and a tour of my property and a pizza cooking experience with my woodfired oven.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Woodbridge, Virginia, United States

For a first date, I would prefer to go on a nails & toes date and maybe my hair too with lunch or dinner after. I like basic things, so anything is fine really for a first date idea . I am not a picky person.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | LET YOU TELL IT, Austin, Texas, United States

Just riding around wanting to get a BETTER perspective of what we're looking for. Also someone to spoil me lol never make me want another. I love highway trips I say I love highway trips because I DONT WANT any interruptions or complications & I love going to eat in different places seeing NEW THINGS I love water activities.

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