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30, Female / Sugar Baby | this can be anywhere in the world honestly . Just MAKE moves...

Me and you .... a sick car . Cruising the coastline .... we checkin to a nice hotel then go out for dinner and drinks . We head back to the hotel and I show you how appreciative of I am of your time . 😉
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Savannah, Georgia, United States

Anywhere different. Good conversation laughter. To be able to be free and show our inner selves. Good music different foods. Open space. My idea of an amazing date is being able to get to know you not by what you say it how you react to different experiences. Different actions being spontaneous and goofy not always serious. The perfect date would probably last all day with breakfast and a sunrise. To trying new things around the city. If being food, places, art, activities. To walking around the park or the beach enjoying each other's silents or even talking about different things that excite us. To have a beautiful dinner with music and dancing.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States

how about we do something either neither of us or only one of us have done lets go see new thing and discover new ways of just living. let be exclusive doing only the best and being the best lets shock the world
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

We would meet up at the mall obviously so I could get something cute for our date and somett sexy assuming the date goes good 😊🤤 then we'd get dinner and drinks. We'd walk talk laugh like newly.weds so in love .. then it's to the movies for some fun enjoying the night together hopefully again and again , or something like brunch someplace classy so we can get to know each other, then the mall because you want to get me something nice you don't care if I say no then an art gallery of some kind . I choose 😊 sounds perfect
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Sacramento, California, United States

Get out on the water, anything from sunning on the shore or taking some kayaks/paddle boards out. An aquatic picnic if you will, talk about life or nothing in particular and enjoy socializing with some delicious snacks in the fresh air.
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Relaxed yet entertaining I'd hope to connect to someone and it feels as if we've known one another for years. A nice view great food and drinks and we get lost in conversation and enjoying the moment.
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I just love to see you have a good time.. I'm open to many things! After all, we are out on your dime ;) I'd object if ever ... but that shouldn't happen and I have many interests and hobbies. The ball's in your field!
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Seattle, Washington, United States

A nice dinner or show sounds good but grabbing a cup of coffee sounds just as Wonderful. Take me flower smelling or on a nice walk. I can find fun in most anything so I am open for pretty much everything.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Dundalk, Maryland, United States

I'm not picky about dates you can choose where we go as long as we are making good conversation can talk about anything and can take jokes. We'll have a good time whatever we decide to do we could make a whole day of it😌
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Riverview, Florida, United States

Escape rooms, having drinks at a nice restaurant (day/night drinking), catch a movie, bowling, sight seeing, museums (art or history), nice stroll in the park, walking through the city, nice picnic, anything remotely fun
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Dallas, Texas, United States

For a first date, I would love to go to the Dallas Museum. Archery and maybe some drinks over dinner after would be the cherry on top! Deep talks at the dinner table to understand each other better & become closer is ideal!
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Minford, Ohio, United States

I love being surprised ...I am a country girl that like to have fun ... I can play city girl but I am a Texas girl born and raised I love being outside and try new thing unless there is snow on the ground
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Seville, Victoria, Australia

Something that makes me go "wow!" I'd love it if a man can equally put in as much effort as myself. Sight seeing or doing an activity would be fun, I want to see your creative side! Then we should eat!
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | West Midlands, United Kingdom

Spontaneous day or night date to get to know one another. A good flowing conversation with laughter and enjoyment in each other's company getting out of each other's comfort zone and relaxing with one another xx
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Anything that involves food, music, and lots of fun!! I like to laugh so make me 😘 i like coffee, I like taking drives around anywhere, I like going to the lake, I like hanging out with mr two friends lol and I love shopping! I'm pretty laid back though, so you pick 😇
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39, Female / Sugar Baby | Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia

You arrive in your car or via motorcycle and surprise me with flowers or a first date gift to mark the start of our adventures together. We ride to the Gold Coast. A day at the beach or out on the water, bubbles, blanket, tunes, gourmet picnic and then watching the sun set over at Snapper Rocks Beach with the surfers in the distance overlooking the water.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Spring, Texas, United States

Anything spontaneous and fun! I am outdoorsy in a sense that I love going on nature hikes, random road trips, hiking on trails or up mountains, and just being anywhere outdoors. It doesn't matter whether it's camping, glamping, or even RV-ing
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Tampa, Florida, United States

We always wanted to try glass blowing. Creating things from scratch is something we find interesting. Afterwards we would get some ice cream. We would sit down and have a nice conversation about our lives.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

A lovely night out in town, enjoying each others company, eating, laughing and story telling to break the ice to end the night either together watching movies and relaxing, or saying our goodbyes until next time
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | San Antonio, Texas, United States

Some where we can actually talk and get to know eachother. Walking down on the river walk or sitting in a park. Eventually leading up to going dancing or something along those lines. But seeing if we have anything in common where we arent interrupted.

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