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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Granite Bay, California, USA

I would want you to take me shopping and show me how much you would like to spoil me I enjoy buying shoes and clothes and I don't mind you coming along and picking stuff out that you would like to see on me.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I am a foodie, I love great conversation, and a great view! Set me up with a late lunch in the park to watch the sunset and talk about life. Brunch with a fun/sexy game to play. Keep things exciting! You can go wrong with being outdoors. (As long as I'm not cold!)
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | .............................................. ................

All I have to say is I love traveling, and I love food too. I like someone who would actually invest time & money on me. I highly value myself and I expect the same from the man trying to persue me. I need someone who sees me as a trophy that takes work to earn.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | 💛, Coquitlam, British Columbia, CAN

We love to be spoiled so shopping would for sure be our ideal first date, we love shoes clothes and jewelry ;). We also love food so going for a nice meal after would be great!! One of us is vegetarian though so we have to go to a vegetarian friendly restaurant, but when it comes to the food we aren't picky :)
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Topanga Mall!, Sherman Oaks, California, USA

Shopping spree at the mall, coffee and laughs at the food court, lunch and a long talk after! I wanna get to know you, and if you take me on a shopping spree, lunch is on me! fair is fair, and I take pride in the little money I make lol.
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18, Male / Sugar Daddy | im adventures i also like to see what you would prefer and y...

we could go out to eat of your choosing a night out no limit on spending money but top it off with a nice massage to release stress and anxiety before the night is over its good to relax before resting
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | 202-10 109th Ave.Apt. 2, Saint Albans, New York, USA

A good restuarant, shopping at my favorite places, traveling to different places, receive some flowers, chocolate and perfume. Not to mention that I am a city girl so it doesn't hurt to ride in a great car.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | 4951 International DriveOrlando, FL 32819United States, Orla...

My first date idea would probably be a day of shopping & dinner afterwards. I love to shop, & then nice dinner just tops it off & completes the day! I also love museums, aquariums & zoos. I love romance.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Pensacola, Florida, USA

Definitely will be getting to know you a bit more before meeting. I prefer lunch over dinner. Nice quiet areas that make communication easier. If you can't see yourself treating me very well regularly as we gain trust then, let's not waste each other's time. I am an exotic dancer. Single mother. I enjoy meeting people and I enjoy dancing. I like having fun like the next person but I also have a life that must stay in order
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Chicago, Illinois, USA

I love love LOVE to shop! And if we were to go shopping for our first date, I would be such a happy kitten! 😹😻 I love to style so much, or to even buy a new costume for my puppy (Skylar) would be amazing.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Des Peres, Missouri, USA

We'd go to the mall, look in shop after shop. I'd point out all the cute stuff I find and you do the same. We hold hands and get to know each other. Hopefully get some food court treat. Something like that.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Beverly Hills, California, USA

Give some you get some 🍬🍭💋 I'm not concerned about your personal life is not important to me all that is important to me is being straight forward from beginning not in to the bs im hoping to find a person who shares the same desires as myself that's all🙏🏻
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Dinner and shopping? Sounds like my type of date. I prefer to actually enjoy our time together. While I understand sometimes we may have to spend less time together or schedule may only allow for one on one time- this would be the perfect night for me :)
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | Courtice, Ontario, CAN

Date ideas ♡ Lunch or coffee, indian food/vegan sushi, a picnic, lake walk, shopping, tattoos, yoga, movie, virtual/long distance date nights (Netflix, texting etc), 420, an arcade, wonderland / amusement park 🥰
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | london, City of London, City of London, GBR

Somewhere fun but fancy. A shopping trip would be my most ideal date, somewhere like bista village, getting to chose and try on clothes, shoes and whatever catches my eye. Then in the evening a beautiful relaxing meal to get to know you properly and what makes you smile ;)
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Anything that has some sort of adventure, Kansas City, Kansa...

having fun, going to a beach, looking at the stars and basically anything super romantic. i love having fun, taking risks and going on crazy random road trips. going shopping or to a beach would just about be perfect
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22, Male / Sugar Daddy | any thrift shop in austin, Austin, Texas, USA

thrifting where we pick each others outfit and limit our budget to $20 per person. we go to different thrift shops for each article of clothing
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere is fine, Marietta, Georgia, USA

An ideal date for me is going out to a dinner or going out onna picnic date or sotting i side and just having a movie night just being able to talk and be comfortable with each other sometime i wanna be suprised bc i never had that before
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Pescara, Abruzzo, ITA

Going shopping and getting to know better each other, finding outfits for one another. Mi piacerebbe fare qualsiasi cosa però sarebbe molto divertente fare shopping e trovare abbigliamenti l'uno per altra, si scopre molto di una persona tramite i loro gusti personali.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Queens center mall, Queens, New York, USA

We would go to the mall and walk around or we can go to a cafe and chill and talk. I love to eat so taking me out to eat would be really cool. I'd rather get to know you and have someone to talk to. Someone I can vibe with.

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