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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Chicago, Illinois, USA

It's definitely depends on the season but just to have a good conversation and just enjoy each other put your creativity to the test and come up with something spontaneous.just something fun and exciting
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Aurora, Illinois, USA

Maybe a nice walk, with music, a blunt and vibes. Anything relaxing that allows us to talkso we can get to know each other. Maybe even get some ice cream. On the other hand, I love rollercoasters or anything that gets my adrenaline up...all while being safe of course
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Birmingham, England, GBR

I hope it involves a lot of laughter, fun and great conversation. The specifics don't matter to me. Although if great food is involved I'll automatically be in the best mood, I'm a foooooodieeeeeee.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Tucson, Arizona, USA

My perfect first date would be if you take me somewhere like a crystal shop & buy me some crystals and then get to know each other and maybe if the vibe is right go for a smoke (marijuana) & drive adventure to find something we're both craving to eat as we build up an apetite, then after we ate go site seeing and maybe hiking if we're dressed for it.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Brockton, Massachusetts, USA

My top 10 first date ideas: 1. Wine and dine - end with a walk in fresh air 2. Walk at the local reservoir- end with watching the sunset at a clearing 3. Picnic in the park 4. Arcade - only if you want to see my competitive side now rather than later 5. Paint N Sip 6. Movie - only if it's action 7. Art Museum 8. Swing dancing 9. Concert - I wanna see Kaytranada perform 10. Photo Walk - Let's go somewhere scenic and take a bunch of photos Pick one and lmk which you wanna do!
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | my bank accounto, Westbury, England, GBR

The best thing you can do to get me out on a date is money in my bank account then I can travel where ever to come and meet you Money is the key to everything without money there is no life you have no freedom Money is the key to everything
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Tilton, New Hampshire, USA

Hiking. Anything outdoors where there will be people around.. I'd love to just sit there and listen to music while smoking herb just relaxing and getting to know one another. I'd hope there would be tons of laughs shared :)
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46, Male / Sugar Daddy | When I pray and face East, unlike the egotistical think they...

Pray in the Holiest of Holys, giving & showing thanks & gratitude praise raising high into the Heavens (notice the plural)... Hallelujah, I see You in her & You in me
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Either something very fun where we can stop and have multiple conversations or a nice laid back dinner where we can both talk and get to know one another
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Anything regarding adventure, and exploration. I love all things nature.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Cookeville, Tennessee, USA

Going out to a small cafe and eat some brunch .. then go to a crystal shop together and just vibe.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Bernalillo, New Mexico, USA

Going into the ocean tripping on acid LOL idk something funnnn maybe even a party or a big orgyyyyyy
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Deming, New Mexico, USA

A very quiet and calm setting where we can just chat and get to know one another comfortably and also have some fun!
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Cortland, New York, USA

Shopping and food ❤️
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31, Male / Sugar Daddy | Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

Exploring nature or taking you shopping and then giving you a nice massage
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39, Female / Sugar Baby | Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Connecting on a spiritual level..communication whenever you want. I'm in a happy relationship and am only seeking conversations. My career is that of alignment with soul purpose. Happie Soul dot org
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39, Female / Sugar Baby | Carmel, Indiana, USA

A philanthropic event Dancing
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Loma Linda, California, USA

-Shopping & meditating 😍
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Columbus, Ohio, USA

i would want a picnic in the evening so its cooler outside where we can eat and enjoy our time outdoors
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Baltimore, Maryland, USA

I'm super duper open. As long as adventure is in it. Nature, with or w/o water, is my greatest ideal. And we will need foooooood. However we can nurture and replenish our spirit!!

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