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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Lansing, Michigan, USA

Going somewhere for drinks and food so we can loosen up, then following we could go for a go cart ride, bowling, or axe throwing. Please be respectful, honest, and do not bring drama into my life please and thank you 😊
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, USA

Loosen up and tell each other our darkest secrets... maybe lol Or we can simply sit and talk while having a drink which helps ease the first date awkwardness.. ...................................
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | Uppsala, Uppsala, SWE

Let's get some food at some hidden little spot. Grab a drink, or ten, and chat for hours. I want to know everything! What makes you tick, what makes you feel alive. Tell me your passions and show me your heart ♥️
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Highland, California, USA

I would like to meet for food and drinks 🍹 a good conversation with lots of laughter and smiles,and then would like to drive down the coast or walk on the beach.... Or A nice picnic at a nice park with a glass of white wine
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38, Female / Sugar Baby | Chimes, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Get some drinks and see where the night takes us. Diner and a movie could be nice too. Either way let's get to know each other and spark something up. I enjoy walks along Sandy shores, fishing, and swimming.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Denver, Colorado, USA

I'd say grabbing some coffee or maybe a couple drinks! A nice restaurant or bar would be a lovely experience. Our first date can be fun and I can prove it! Lets make it a remarkable one. My tastes depend on you 😌
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Los Angeles, California, USA

Drinks on a roof top , anywhere in La or the beach I absolutely adore the beach it is sooo calming , that or even a cute dinner date , with some wine is always the way to go also with a view lol nothing crazy
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Limerick, IRL

for the first date I’d probably like to get cocktails and some food in a restaurant looking at the sea as a view😍 or a cinema date (not a horror) with good vibes and popcorn whilst watching a romantic film 🎥
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Fort Worth, Texas, USA

My ideal date would be the guy coming to pick me up, opening the door for me of course. Then from there driving to a nice bar to get drinks and talk to get to know each other. After that maybe going dancing somewhere I live to 2-step! Hope you can keep up with me😉
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere in the gayyy area., Alameda, California, USA

we can go eat wherever you'd like. I want to know what kind of preference you have.. We can literally go to the nail shop, shop, anything :) I'm super outgoing and chill at the same time so I'm open to doing whatever you'd like to do
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37, Female / Sugar Baby | non, Scarborough, Ontario, CAN

Wine and dine and just enjoy the most of it. Better have the dance shoes ready cuz that's what it is all about. You can't move then u can groove into this. The night only begins after the vibes. Sit down and have a great chat!
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | down town LV anywhere, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Going out for appetizers and drinks, to get a feel of each other. Coffee dates are acceptable too, especially if you're not a drinker. I typically need to loosen up a bit, trying to be less uptight. Kiss.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Oracle, Arizona, USA

Because I'm really busy during the weekday juggling school and other extracurriculars my schedule is very tight, but we may be able to make something work. Also due to covid I will not be doing in person meet ups unless it's worth it 😊
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Farmborough, England, GBR

I love food so just anywhere that has food would be great and great company so someone that's funny. My ideal first date is an adventure Like a hike and picnic by the lake. A fun scenery where you can have enough alone time to talk and get to know one another and where the conversation doesn't feel forced! Just a fun and adventurous time also I would like it if I got picked up and the guy took me somewhere I didn't know... like a surprise night! He picks me up at a certain time, tells me to wear something for the occasion, and then we go on a surprise date love that.
Let's meet! There needs to be a spark. You do need to be local to Boston so that we can meet up naturally! Laughter, chemistry and a little sexual tension needs to be in the room with us. Are you on board?
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Belmar, New Jersey, USA

I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. This is way too long of a 200 characters minimum first date idea haha. I like to chill and have a good time :)
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Glasgow City, GBR

Nice walk through the park maybe a coffee or lunch after words if it was day time , night time would of course be a nice sit down dinner at a great restaurant, maybe even a few drinks at the bar after, listen to some good music and just enjoy each other's company.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Sweet Water, Alabama, USA

I'm open to anything, I'd love to go for drinks or maybe brunch definitely a public area on the first meet to talk and to get a feel for each other. I will travel if I need to. I love a good wine or margarita.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Brooklyn, New York, USA

Drinks , Lounge , Dinner , Paris 😂😍
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Bromley, England, GBR

Shopping sprees drinks lunch cocktails dinner dates brunch dates wine tasting I am looking for someone to spoil me and treat me shopping sprees dates and cash dinner and cocktail dates brunch dates and more

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