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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Stockton, California, United States

Mabey get some food chill and talk. Nothing too serious
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Queens, New York, United States

Surprise me
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Hoover, Alabama, United States

I would like lunch but I am open to dinner as well getting to know you. I am not trying to become intimate with a SD straight in the beginning. I would like to be shown true gentleman characteristics and connect with someone first if they are wanting that.
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Nilopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Almoçar juntos
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Annerley, Queensland, Australia

Not sure
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60, Female / Sugar Baby | Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Meet and see if there's any vibes and just enjoy the date get to know each other.
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50, Female / Sugar Baby | a fine dining establishment, Tucson, Arizona, United States

I pull up to a fine dining establishment, where I park and go in. My prospective daddy has a single rose waiting for me at the hostess station. We enjoy a meal while exploring our interests and laughing over common pet peeves. We then go to a local museum or historic site where we explore and continue getting to know each other. We end by scheduling another date.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | East Windsor, New Jersey, United States

A nice high end meal together, good conversation which ends in you handing over your wallet for the night 😈
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | doesnt matter i like klavon's pizza lol, Jackson, Michigan, ...

I'm down for whatever! I like public places but I'm a blast no matter what type of date you take me on we could go to McDonald's and it would still be fun, but ideally, I like to sit down and get to know someone a bit on the first date, so lunch and like, mini golf? Lol give me ideas and im sure I'd say yes
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

My first date ideally would be out to lunch or even dinner I'm a foodie!!! I love to eat and try new things but I hateeeeee seafood ☹️So anything else is absolutely magnificent I love a preplanned date also!!
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37, Female / Sugar Baby | Chittenango, New York, United States

I think lunch is the most appropriate first meeting. It is easy to tell compatibility without any added pressures.
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I'm fully vaccinated and a bit of a homebody these days, so I woud not mind going out to get lunch on a patio to enjoy these last summer days and get to know you! Then we can go play pool or something perhaps? It will be nice to challenge one another at something! Are you competitive? I am. :)
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Spokane, Washington, United States

For me, an ideal first date might look something like packing along a picnic style lunc or drive through and going for a hike through Dishman Hills area. I enjoy getting out and spending time in nature, I find it very therapeutic and refreshing. Or of it's too cold for hiking, I enjoy going to the theaters and watching the newest Marvel, DC or Disney movie. I'm a sucker for a good Disney movie as I am a child at heart still.
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25, Male / Sugar Daddy | Murphy's irish pub, Mandurah, Western Australia, Australia

Lunch at a pub or restaurant. Getting to know each other but not a one sided conversation. Then for a movie something that appeals to both people. Then go for a walk and talk some more asking questions about each other. Then once the date is over we hug/kiss depending on how big the connection is. And we say our goodbyes until next time.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Jackson, Tennessee, United States

Something casual but good food ofcourse! Not too crowded so we can actually hear each other talk. 😅 And some good conversations to get to know each other! First impressions are important but no pressure! I'm a pretty open book even though I might come off as shy 🥰
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand

a picnic :)
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Rochester, New York, United States

If we live in the same vicinity then we can do lunch or something. If we're in different states only option is to fly me out daddy 😜
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

Drinks , food , great conversation.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Dimmitt, Texas, United States

A date where we can both be ourselves and have a good laugh together. i love being outside and i love being around a lot of people. Be the guy who opens doors for me, holds my hand, has me walking away from the street. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxox
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Tuckerton, New Jersey, United States

A picnic , with some wine and snacks and a good conversation for us to get to know each other

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