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27, Female / Sugar Baby | 7/11 aspley roundabout, Aspley, Queensland, Australia

Another 200 character minimum. Well I'm looking for a man under 40 no less than 32 at least but if your over 40 if you pay for lunch we can go for a daily public meal together and I'm short of transport but pick me up at the service station near me and we can be friends
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | The Bronx, New York, United States

We can meet at your favorite restaurant, that way I get to analyze your comfort zone. I will take recommendations but don't ever order for me. I'm a lover of the basics (rice, anything with flour, chicken, anything Caribbean) but I'm willing to broaden my horizon.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

I would start off my ideal date by going to a boozy lunch to get to know eachother abit - some incredible venue (I work in hospitality so I appreciate great service) we would chat and get to know eachother over some oysters and a bottle of Perrier Joüet followed by a main course that would blow our minds. We would relax for afew hours either lounging by the pool or beach enjoying eachothers company and then go out for a light romantic dinner and see where the night takes us.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Elizabeth Park, Christ Church, Barbados

I want my first date to be on a beautiful beach with breakfast and watch the sun rise with some mimosas. Fresh fruit and after breakfast a nice dip in the water then take a nice nap after make some lunch and enjoy the company of each other
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35, Female / Sugar Baby | by the water, New York, New York, United States

Would be a picnic or just conversing by the water just trying to get to know each other. And understanding what it is we both want instead of wasting one another precious time allowing one another to start a new friendship
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | N/A, Houston, Texas, United States

I really love trying new food and getting a glimpse into cultures. I would love to try something new. I love most food and will try anything once! It just can't try to run off my plate or be breathing!
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38, Female / Sugar Baby | Waterbury, Connecticut, United States

Meeting somewhere talking and gettkng know each other...someone i can take the time to provide for their needs as well as tjey provide for my needs as well...someone whos outgoing and loves to have fun
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Cairns, Queensland, Australia

My first ideal date would be lunch at a local pub or restaurant, have a few drinks and play some pool. Talk about life and get to know eachother on a deeper level, maybe go for a walk around the city and sight see.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Mechanicsville, Virginia, United States

Something that's comfortable while getting to know one another... lunch and a couple drinks in public... talking and making sure we both are on the same page about what each other want from one another.
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Vancouver, Washington, United States

Meet have a nice lunch together get to know each other a little then talk about our expectations lay it all out on the table at the get so we are on the same page. Then we come to a mutual agreement
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere! i love surprises, Havre, Montana, United States

My 1st date idea, depending on the weather, if its nice id like to have food outside, if they have a patio. Drinks are always nice. But also optional. I love ice tea n lemonade if I have to choose something non-alcoholic. I love spicy foods, Chinese. I'm always open to try new things. I also like to cook, so ita a plus.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Dallas, Texas, United States

I would like to keep things via phone for a while but after building a trust to each other then I wouldn't mind meeting up at a cafe or a restaurant. I love Mexican food lol so that's always a for sure yes
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States

I would want to get something to eat and take it with us somewhere nice where we can chat. Have a good time outside or maybe on a roof or next to a lake even while we listen to good music and just vibe together.
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Clarksville, Tennessee, United States

Somewhere public so we could get to know one another and see where things can take us. Doesn't have to be fancy or anything I'm very simple and easy to please. Meeting for lunch or even breakfast is perfect for a first meet and greet to see if we're even a match
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Conway, South Carolina, United States

My idea first date would be a surprised breakfast or lunch date. I love a man with a spontaneous mindset and one who isn't afraid to do what it takes to make there woman happy. When it comes to food I love anything but seafood!
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

An ideal date would be going out for food, I want to know more about you! Tell me about your travels, experience and anything really. I'm all ears. Maybe after food, we could go back to your place and have fun ;)
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Apt B, Columbus, Ohio, United States

My idea of a date is lunch/ dinner. I like to get to know someone for a good meal. At a first date then you are supposed to feel each other out with wasting too much time and energy. On the first date, phones should be put on silent so we can enjoy the conversations.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Somewhere nice where we can sit back eat and learn more about each other. I'm really shy and food will bring that out of me, I'm a really touchy person and love attention even though I get super bashful so a place where we can just have a nice time
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Sitting conversing getting to know eachother while enjoying lunch. Learning about your likes and dislikes. As well as you learning mine. Speaking about what's important in your life and what goals you have or have accomplished.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

# Updated first date idea My ideal first date would be dinner at a nice restaurant, particularly one of my favorites. Hopefully accompanied by flowers. Or perhaps a spa date, mostly anywhere with a nice ambiance and intimate enough to have a conversation.

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