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31, Female / Sugar Baby | Anything tasty just no raw sushi lol, Montclair, California,...

Nice dinner with gorgeous scenery and good convo. All about the vibes. It's all about the genuine connection and 100 % real. Just bring you as you not to impress but be 100 % yourself. I am a Salvadorian Queen so l do love to dance some Latin music as well 😎
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Detroit, Michigan, United States

let's get on a helicopter to take a tour of the city, next stop is a nice steakhouse with a great ambiance, if the night permits let's go to a cocktail bar, share some laughs, converse and make good eye contact. also a nice well thought out date will suffice ps i like flowers
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36, Male / Sugar Daddy | Chandler, Arizona, United States

A dinner 🥘 and a movie 🎥, going to Sedona tour all the shops, going to Grand Canyon park and see the south rim, going to a cookout, taking a salsa 💃 dance lesson together, indoor rock climbing, indoor skydiving 🪂
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | 1540 E College Ave, Normal, IL 61761, Bloomington, Illinois,...

Going out for good food, I'm a big fan of sushi. Followed by something like a movie. Some place dark where wandering hands wouldn't be a problem if it came to. 😘 Otherwise I'm always open to adventure. I'll try anything once so if you're willing to try it with me we could have a lot of fun.
a good ocean view at a sushi spot getting to know each other with a nice red sweet wine & enjoying the moment, a nice dollar dozen roses will win my heart LOL & especially hang out with someone who can take my sarcasm 🤪🌿
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Middletown, Ohio, United States

A nice dinner date at a nice restaurant formal dressing so i can wear a tiny little black dress! finish of the date by taking a walk maybe down town for a couple drinks and sent home with a nice gift!
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Manhattan, New York, United States

Dinner at a beautiful restaurant eating delicious food or drinks at a nice bar. First time meeting please do not invite me to your place. Let's just talk all evening and get to know each other someplace comfortable.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

I would love for the sugardaddy to be a Complete gentlemen, Casual wear, well groomed, Smelling and looking good, Greet me with flowers,dinner at a nice restaurant. Getting to know each other on a more deeper and intimate level. Just vibe 🌹
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Topeka, Kansas, United States

I'd like to go on a walk go someplace to eat and chat a bit and get to know each other a little bit more maybe even go to a lake or park Nothing to fancy ya know see how it goes and see if we hit things off
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I love being wined and dined, steak and lobster is my favourite food so if you're into that then message me. I love someone I can have a long, deep conversation with intimacy and connection is important to me.
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44, Female / Sugar Baby | Decatur, Texas, United States

My ideal date starts with drinks somewhere nice and quiet so that we can talk and get to know one another. Then move on to a nice leisurely dinner. At dinner we could discuss where to have dessert in a more private place.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Midlothian, Virginia, United States

I feel dinner is the best time of day to talk, as ironic as that is. I don't need anything fancy, just good food and conversation. I prefer casual places on first dates so insane amount of money is spent if it goes unewell.
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Conversation filled with intelligence and humour. Dinner with great food. A quite wine and dine by candlelight right below the shining stars with soft music in the background. Or going for a pleasant walk with simple talks.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | N/A, Atherton, California, United States

I love the sea I love looking at the moon but more I love being surprised. I love to watch the sunset. I love it when it rains. I love nature and what better way to watch the sunset listening to the waves of the sea and with a 🍷 eating, talking smelling fresh air contemplating how beautiful the sea and the moon are. seeing how the sunset is falling I love everything that has to do with nature one of my dreams is to live in the countryside surrounded by trees and away from noise and people I love tranquility. I like the details and that surprises me with something new. walking is one of my hobbies. I do a lot of exercise. I like sweet wine and sometimes whiskey.
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Richmond, Virginia, United States

A nice dinner at a cozy romantically candlelit jazz club. After a few drinks, an appetizer and entrees, we decide to make our way to another small cozy restaurant that offers a killer creme brûlée and extensive aperitifs to finish off the meal
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Amherst, Nebraska, United States

Umm dinner dates, Dedicate a romantic toast there is no set occasion for you to have to take me and spoil me lol. Just the fact that you love and care for me and that she is your gonna be yours because you chose me over everyone else is an occasion in itself. Lol
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Aurora, Colorado, United States

An ideal first date is going to Dinner and receiving beautiful flowers. After dinner going on a walk in the city to get to know one another more. If the weather is bad after dinner then going to play pool or bowling would be fun as well 😊😁
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | the three legged goat restaurant in downtown Detroit area I ...

Private but beautiful views ,good music, fancy drinks and great food we can talk about our interests see What we may have in common get a chance to connect with someone I love talking about myself lol I'm a great listener as well <3
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | I'd like it if you'd come to me but I can try and be flexibl...

I would love dinner and cocktails or even just dinner and good chat, I don't mind walks or whatever works, I'm pretty open minded, good company, polite gentleman manner with a good dress sense and conversation and we're onto a winner
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37, Female / Sugar Baby | ?, Montgomery Village, Maryland, United States

A night out at fogo de chao, and a comedy show one be it for me. I love live music, jazz, or even hip hop. But on a date I like to do couple things like a sip and paint wood be nice. Or a good ol trip to a nice bar would be ideal.

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