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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Beverly Hills, California, United States

Dinner and getting to know one another. I've never been to Beverly Hills and I love the scenery there. It would be a dream for me to just have a nice dinner and some wine with a very handsome and polite man.
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44, Female / Sugar Baby | Bronxville, New York, United States

Just getting some good food & getting to know each other make me laugh till I can't anymore I love a funny movie a comedy show is nice or taking me someplace I haven been before surprise me I like that more even if it's not what I would like to do I would love it anyway because you took the time to figure out how to make it special that means the world 🌎
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Seattle, Washington, United States

An ideal first date for me would be meeting you casually for dinner, to see how we match up and click in person. It is extremely vital for me to have a sort of chemistry with a man, to feel safe. I enjoy knowing who you are and what you would like.
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40, Female / Sugar Baby | Austin, Texas, United States

Would be for my date to fly in and check in to a beautiful hotel , great food, great music....surprise me we can detach from the world and get to know each other a little better in a more intimate setting without distractions, I'm fed strawberries and is treated like royalty, respected and adored.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | honestly dont have much to say here. We can agree on a locat...

A man that wants to get to know me not looking for only sex! Good company and fun!I have a lot more to offer n u should too. Surprise me is an idea first date I know some of u are romantics n classy💋 I'm open minded to what u have inmindim not stuck up don't feel intimidated on ur idea of first date. If we were all the same life would be boring LOL
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Milledgeville, Georgia, United States

My ideal first date would include money from my date beforehand, so I can buy a cute outfit and get my hair, nails, and toes done(I want to make a good impression). Then maybe go out for dinner and depending how well it goes maybe something a little extra like a movie.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | reservior dr. philadelphia pa 19119, Philadelphia, Pennsylva...

I would love a Picnic in the park! Drinks, candles .. surf & turf, sitting by the water with our phones on DND Playing love music. Sipping wine & just talking enjoying eachother's company .. oh & PAINTING!
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Boston, Massachusetts, United States

One of my favorite restaurants in Boston is strip by Strega! There food is amazing! My ideal date is a fine dining restaurant, 8 oz filet medium well (some might not like the way I like my steak but whatever lol), a few drinks and maybe desert if any room for it!! Another favorite is del Friscos and Morton's! Morton's pineapple Hennessey drink is my favorite! So small talk over one of these restaurants or whatever place you like would be An ideal first date idea to me... change my mind I know you know it sounds good😛
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47, Female / Sugar Baby | Helenwood, Tennessee, United States

Maybe something simple like dinner that I could dress up for, happy hour drinks, or maybe something active like bowling or Putt-Putt, lunch would be a nice idea, just something where we can enjoy each other's company and be able to talk and get to know one another.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Navarre, Florida, United States

Dinner, a movie, dancing, drinks, a walk, an adventure, just general things in that sense. I'm not to picky when it comes to things like a date. Although I'm not gonna turn down a good date because that's the best time to tell you my horrible dad jokes.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Whitefield, England, United Kingdom

I would have to go for the classic food and drinks. You can't beat sitting down and having a nice meal with some cocktails and just getting to know someone. You can tell a lot about someone by what they like to drink. Only joking, you can't beat a good gin.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Shreveport, Louisiana, United States

I love to eat. I really nice dinner would be a very nice first date. Not any where like a fast food chain but somewhere we can sit down and have a nice meal. Maybe even have a couple drinks. My favorite kind of food is Mexican food.
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | Havering, United Kingdom

A nice little restaurant with lovely good, never anything too expensive unless you wish to take me somewhere as nice as this. I'm not very hard to please really, I'm an easy going girl. The way to my heart is either Italian or steak💜
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Dallas, Texas, United States

Somewhere nice and local. I prefer casual dressing and Good conversation , full course meal and a drink. Then maybe a nice walk after to talk about life and view the city. I am very simple. As long as it's romantic, I'm okay
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35, Female / Sugar Baby | I'm not a fancy person so anything that's from the heart I a...

Even down to Picnic on the beach watching the sun go down is not some thing that I would turn down if it's from your heart if it comes from a place of unconditional love and I accept it is what you can afford to do is the time you put into it
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, United States

I would like to have a date where I can feel genuinely beautiful and feel like I can be myself around the person. I would like to not go anywhere fancy, nor dress too fancy. I would honestly love a small picnic somewhere where nobody could bother us, or, maybe even at a cheap quiet not too popular dinner, you know? It would b the perfect time, to me. I want a spontaneous date something that isn’t planned so it’s not by the book not anything.
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Lumberton, North Carolina, United States

A nice dinner out would be an amazing first date. To get dressed up, and cute to enjoy a good meal with even better company. Food is always the answer to a girls heart in case you didn't know. 🙂🙂🙂🙂
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Definitely good food and drinks Nice view Nighttime sky in a lit up area Background/live music Around other attractive people Lots of convo and laughs Maybe some dancing Got to have a mini photo shoot lol Overall having a great time 💝
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37, Female / Sugar Baby | Baltimore, Maryland, United States

If I were to take you on a date I would take you where we could do a physical activity like batting cages, axe throwing, or something like that, then to a nice dinner. AND YES I WOULD BE SWINGING A BAT IN HEELS LOL! 😂
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere the atmosphere is right., Milford, Pennsylvania, Un...

A nice dinner where we can talk and get to know each other and enjoy a delicious meal. I love trying new foods and wines. After dinner we can take a walk through town to continue the conversation and plan our second date.

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