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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, United States

It's the thought that counts to me anything from your heart plus some flowers and you got me. I'm pretty simple but I'm super shy so it might take me awhile to open up I'm just a sensitive being but I promise I'm fun
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Springfield, Missouri, United States

Take me out to dinner, get to know me, maybe take me back and watch movies, light some candles, run a bubble bath, listen to some soft music. I'm a sucker for hopeless romantic people. Looking for a loyal sugar daddy to do this:)
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

(Compensated) dinner with positive vibes, good energy, and lots of love. ❤️ I also love brunch! I love to dress up in a pretty tight dress & have a nice mimosa or a cocktail. Uptown or downtown areas are normally my favorite.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, United States

Anything fun it's OK with me. I love food particularly seafood. I love going to the movies in trying things I haven't done before. I love going to the beach and riding jet skis. I also love going shopping that's probably my favorite thing to do.💚
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

I would love to just do dinner or something and take a walk on the bridge so we could talk and get to know one another. Then maybe a drive listening to some of our favorite songs. Hopefully, we have the same taste 🙃
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Fort Myers, Florida, United States

Dinner on the water at sunset is ideal and so beautiful. I would also settle for drinks at dusk on the water too 😉 but I enjoy a nice meal and I love seafood. Shouldn't be a tough time choosing some place to achieve this. Can't wait for our date!
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45, Female / Sugar Baby | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

surprise me. its the little things that count, something that takes some effort or imagination. not something you can get your assitant to do. the art of chiverly is still nice but has been lost over time, id like too see it come back. it doesnt have to cost a small fortune just being together having great conversation. a woman still dreams of being someones princess.
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Boston, Massachusetts, United States

U meet me with flowers or ur gift of choice Good food and drinks plus convenience i feel this way we could get to know each other better and see is a second date is in our future or maybe even build a friendship
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Yummy food, Portland, Oregon, United States

Something where i can dress up & look sexy. just chill I'm a very relaxed girl who just likes good energy and vibes . I would love to go shopping after and try some cute outfits on for you before dessert
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Los Angeles, California, United States

Omg I love late night drives! Maybe we can just get to know each other under the moonlight and stars maybe even get som fast food if you're ok with that ❤️ I'm a firm believer in the connection has to be real for anything else to work 😛
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Bury, England, United Kingdom

Laughter, Dinner and a good Guinness at the Pub. Live- Music, great conversation. I love to go to the cinema or going to the seaside. There are so many options to discover. If you are an outgoing, open- minded person, Im pretty sure we will find a nice date idea together :)
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Grey GhostBesa RoastJoe Muers, Detroit, Michigan, United Sta...

Dinner and conversation: discuss life, goals, realities, wants, desires, and other interesting topics. Learn about each other and begin to establish a lasting connection. Enjoy food and spirits while listening to some tunes in a nice atmosphere.
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38, Male / Sugar Daddy | Orlando, Florida, United States

Dinner, go karts, theme parks, football game let's have some fun! I don't mind traveling if you're real and want to actually do something. Love being active hikes, bikes rides and the beach. If we go to a theme park you have to ride the rides I don't make the rules
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Cooper Landing, Alaska, United States

A picnic in any park at dusk preferably surrounded by flowers then we go to a night time movie and watch whatever we spot first after the movie we will go home then stroll around our yard with a glass of wine
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Mansfield, Texas, United States

Agreed to meet up in a public place. Lunch Dinner drinks and a good conversation getting to know eachother more. We would discuss our interest, goals, and future arrangement. A departing gift for my time would be lovely, i heard thats a thing.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

An ideal first date would be some nice dinner with sum Erykah Badu, George Benson, Anthony Hamilton or maybe a Donell Jones playing in the background. A beautiful sunset (what's impossible this time of the year in Holland), so a rainy mood is probably what we have to deal with.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Northumberland, Pennsylvania, United States

Honestly I like a man to decide and I'm pretty open to anything. So we can do dinner, drinks, a show etc. we could drive around and listen to music for all I care as long as we can talk and see if we click ❤️
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Singapore

We can watch a movie and then nom nom (or nom nom first) Or we can chill at the cafe and know more about No sex or dirty talk when we barely no each other If I found you interested I don't know what next
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Tallahassee, Florida, United States

A nice night out with wine & a vibe. Love to get to know the person I end up meeting and just talk the night away about plans for the future, career goals & plenty of other things & after that one successful date we can go more into adventurous outing
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Province of Florence, Italy

A candlelit dinner with stimulating conversation and drinks afterwards. Then a walk to finish the night. I love being able to converse with others and want to get to know you! Any date with food, drinks, and/or activity would be ideal.

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