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21, Female / Sugar Baby | It doesnt have to be in the city where i live so i prefer he...

To be honest idk for the first date but I would like it to be some where in public like around people like at a restaurant or somewhere so we can get to know each other and talk. Umm not at you're place for the first time meeting like I said some where in public plz!
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | City of London, United Kingdom

For the first date we should just go out to have a drink or dinner. So we can talk and get to know each other. I'm more into chemistry over the look. I want to find interesting partner to be able to learn from.
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38, Male / Sugar Daddy | restaurant, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia

We can go have a good dinner(I hope you like seafood or Chinese food) with some drink, know each other first.😊😊😊 If you are looking for PPM, sorry, I don't think we can get along. Because I am looking for a long term arrangement.
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37, Female / Sugar Baby | 3128 presstman St, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Something very simple at first Dinner and maybe a movie (possibly a little shopping) , if it's a Beautiful Day A nice walk in the Park or Long Drive (Which I find to be relaxing).. I enjoy doing whatever makes me Happy so hopefully he'll have that same mind frame .
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47, Male / Sugar Daddy | Cleveland, Ohio, United States

I just recently got hip to this really nice movie theater- Silverspot. I really dig this spot because the seats recline and they have food there that they actually bring to you right in the theater during the movie. I really enjoy it there, its like killing two birds with one stone. We don't have to worry about dinner after we leave the movie. Yes I like to watch a movie from time to time but I also like to stay out late, maybe go for a walk in a park on on the a beach. I don't frequent bars or clubs. I like to be alone with my sugar bae so we can talk.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, United States

I want to experience a nice dinner with good conversations and getting to know each other I want to eat good drink good we could also do some dancing and walking I just want it to be a night to remember
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

A chill dinner to get to just chat and get to know each other. Nothing too serious or elaborate but first impressions are important so the vibes definitely have to be right.
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Harbor House, Detroit, Michigan, United States

For the first date, I would like go to a nice steakhouse restaurant with a nice ambiance, We order dinner and wine/cocktails to help us with getting to know each other, us talking, feeling comfortable to be ourselves , being very attentive while the chemistry is poppin.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | McKenzie, Tennessee, United States

A nice dinner getting to know each other. Maybe go get some quick desert after. Then a drive around the city with the windows down jamming to music. All ending with maybe some cuddles and knowing that I didn't waste my time.
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43, Female / Sugar Baby | 27529, Garner, North Carolina, United States

Just having dinner and a great conversation with laughter in it. You have to make me laugh. I love it when someone just makes me laugh. I believe that laughter is the number one medication that everyone needs.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Deer Park, New York, United States

Any location amazing food and drinks I love a good sweet wine perfect chill music good conversation with a handsome good dressed and smelling man by my side who is not afraid to speak am not much of a talker at times but catch my attention I will talk
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | 9 W Kinzie St., Chicago, Illinois, United States

A nice dinner at STK Chicago around 6pm, drinks, chit-chat, maybe a stroll around the area if the weather is nice enough. Then, we go back to the Nobu hotel to spend a romantic night together drinking wine and getting to know one another
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States

Call me a romantic (because I am) but I think any first date or date in general can be memorable with the right company. There's the classic wine-and-dine approach, which I appreciate in any capacity, because I think sitting down for a meal and having a meaningful conversation during it can be a special experience, especially with how much I enjoy food. But equally appealing is the idea of dates beyond the "norm" or traditional/standard first dates, like going on a hike or goofing off somewhere like an arcade or visiting a museum.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Novi, Michigan, United States

My first idea of the date is for us to be completely honest and genuine with each other, so we can see how we should move forward. But I'm a very old soul, so I expect dinner, drinks, laughing, and dancing.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

I would love to go eat at a fancy dinner and taste different wines while sharing conversation with a good friend. I enjoy eating small things that won't have me bloated. I like to stick to fish, and chicken. No red meats. And tend to eat healthier food.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Prairie Village, Kansas, United States

I love a great steak! I really love to idea of a first date being a good meal! Making sure I'm fed well and keeping up a good vibrant conversation is really a good star for me! I just want to be able to have a good time with you over something I do everyday already, eating!
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | NYC, New York, New York, United States

Dinner is a great first date. Don't believe that stuff about girls not wanting to eat on a first date - sharing a romantic meal is so sexy some nice wine moving forward with some laughter and just getting to know each other. Our dislikes and likes what makes us happy Etc , sharing some mutual common things with each other , express our life goals. Debating over Sports lol I treat auditions like I treated my first dates. It's an opportunity to get to know a stranger and to learn from each other.
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Romantic dinner in a great restaurants with candle in the table. Having Champagne 🥂 and lots of laughs with definitely valuable conversation. Also be able to share dessert with me 🙈. All great lovely postive atmosphere ☺️
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Sacramento, California, United States

watching movies or shows at your place with doordash i love to cuddle but maybe after we eat OR the drive in with drinks also watching a movie lol but I definitely prefer to be at your place instead i can't really think of a different date
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Columbus, Georgia, United States

I would like to have a date where I can feel genuinely beautiful and feel like I can be myself around the person. I want someone who can tell me to get dressed and we go for dinner & a walk around the park! A sweet, little, romantic place.

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