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23, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Honestly I love adventure but food is the best kind! I don't have a preference where as long as it's an experience!! Do you have a favorite restaurant? What's your favorite food or drink? Message me and tell me all about it!
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Northampton, Northamptonshire, GBR

I'm very open-minded, down to earth, and ready to try different restaurants, cafes, jazz clubs, comedy shows, or a nice candle-lit, home-cooked meal :') Generally, anything that feels fresh and exciting. I'm a hopeless romantic and love flowers as a hello 😌
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. 123 princess lane. 69 sub street...

Let's see.. flowers and candy... Asian food.. music.. conversation for the soul and maybe a foot rub 🙃 I love to just live in the moment , but anything than being treated as a princess is unacceptable !
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Anaheim, California, USA

A rooftop dinner overlooking the city, then a night of dancing and fun. Out shopping with each other, laughing and eating ice cream. I love to be taken out, don't ask for me to plan the date, what is a gentleman for?
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Bowie, Maryland, USA

My ideal first date would include a nice dinner and drinks. I enjoy trying different cuisines and learning new recipes. I also enjoy random date nights such as to the movies or shopping. Creative dates including arts & crafts are a plus.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Spokane, Washington, USA

You can never go wrong with grabbing a bite to eat for the first date. That allows you time to sit and get to know each other a bit while sharing a meal and if all goes well, why not finish it up with a drink. I think it serves as a nice icebreaker for the first face to face interaction.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Albany, New York, USA

My idea of a perfect date would be a beautiful dinner , a glass of Chardonnay , a beautiful scenery and the restaurant filled with ambience . I would also enjoy a nice sip and paint or a really informative museum
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34, Female / Sugar Baby | Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Would be meeting at a restaurant of your choosing. I absolutely love trying new things and places and even more so when those things and places bring joy to others. Having a great conversation with tons of laughter over a delicious meal is definitely one of my favorite activities. Maybe a little wandering around a museum or gallery afterwards or even some light shopping. Being slightly active after a meal just brings it all together.
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36, Female / Sugar Baby | Burbank, California, USA

I am mainly looking for a date whose humor I mix well with and who is considerate. If those two things are there it then builds up through all the details of mutual likes and dislikes and such. But if those first two things don’t work right no amount of similarities will keep me or make me interested to spend more time. Also: The guy shows up with nice-looking, clean appearance. He takes me to some nice place that we both enjoy and can talk to each other freely; could be a zoo, museum, music show, a day in the park, etc. Later he asks if I would like something to eat. If yes, could be any type of eatery, the funkier the better (for me a food truck would be fabulous). At my place, I ask if he would like to come in for some coffee. If yes, we spend some more time JUST chatting. When he leaves, he asks if he can see me again. Then he kisses me on the cheek and leaves. Old fashioned, yes, but oh something to remember
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31, Male / Sugar Daddy | any bar that had good Mexican food., East Haddam, Connecticu...

smoke a fatty and then get drunk on margaritas and destroy some Mexican food.
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Fairfield, California, USA

A first date idea would be something that involved great conversations, great wine and wonderful food. Ending with (depending on location) watching a beautiful sunset. Definitely something romantic to show appreciation.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Wilmington, Delaware, USA

I love trying new things, so my perfect first date would be trying something we've both never done before. Something like going to a shooting range, skydiving, an interactive museum, trying new food. I also like to be spontaneous, so surprise me.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Miami Beach, Florida, USA

somewhere with a brilliant diverse menu, a view, preferably somewhere near water and some nice mixed drink mixed with something i've never heard of before, ending with a night under the stars and meaningful conversation
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Peoria Heights, Illinois, USA

My ideal first date would be going to a restaurant I've never been to before or us getting in the kitchen and cooking together and you showing me and teaching me new things in the kitchen I love a man who can show me new things while we listen to some nice slow jams. I also would love to go to a bourbon tasting just let loose and enjoy each other's company.
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26, Female / Sugar Baby | Germantown, Wisconsin, USA

Going to a restaurant, store, activity that neither of us have done and experiencing it together. Being open minded and adventurous to the possibilities of new experiences. Try everything once right?!
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Bristol, Bristol, GBR

My ideal first date is going to a restaurant for great food and drink before spending the rest of the evening together 🥰 at some point in the evening I'd love to find myself alone with you, if you know what I mean! 😉
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Los Angeles, California, USA

Would be some where fun and I could have a great time a I also like surprises 😌 I want to feel loved by the person I'm with and everything to be just right doing something for me because you want to not because I asked you to
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | San Francisco, California, USA

An ideal first date would be a nice dinner with a view, a trip to an art museum, and quality time. I'd love to get to know you on a personal level in some way shape or form. Give me an experience I'll never forget!
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | you pick, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

I would love to just chill feel out the energy by doing something fun exciting and very much breath taking I'm open to all new things. I want to enjoy our time together as well . Ask me anything ......
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

A nice first date would be in a setting where we could get to know about each other while still having fun! Maybe a cooking/baking class or even a pottery class would be really nice. I'm not too picky lol

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